Huge Windows 98 Problem!! Please, come help!!!

OK, here’s what happened. I reinstalled Quake II, a game I used to play on my old computer. I updated it to the latest version and everything was fine.

I then changed the video setting to a higher density. The screen cut out I had to restart my computer. Now everytime I go to my own user profile, the pictures, text, and icon on the screen is huge!! It doesn’t say it is safe mode. It looks like lesser quality graphics though.

I uninstalled Quake II, but it won’t fix it. Fortunately, I have another user profile that is unaffected. I just want to get the computer back to normal. What can I do?

If I go to the control panel and try to adjust the display, I can’t do it because the menu is to big and I can’t drag the image high enough to adjust the color rate and screen proportions. What can I do?

I am willing to delete that profile and make a new one if that is the only option. How do I make a new profile with a new password and how do I delete the old one?

My ignorance has never felt so great. Thanks for your help.

Use the tab key to get to the appropriate control, up or down arrow to modify it, then tab to the OK button and hit <enter>. Just because the mouse can’t get there doesn’t mean the keyboard can’t either.

You might consider – if that is too much of a hit-and-miss pain – to hit the <f8> key during the windows start up (after the bios screen) and enter safe mode from the menu which will pop-up. Then you can log into your profile at the default lowest resolution and modify to an appropriate resolution there, and then reboot again.

Hmmm. That I don’t know!

This has happened to me few times. If safe mode booting and/or “blind” clicking doesn’t work the sure fix is simply to delete and reinstall the video drivers. Sure you waste 10 minutes re-installing but you could easily waste that blink clicking.

Have you tried using tab and the arrow keys to get to the menu option you want?

ALT-Spacebar brings up a menu you can use to resize any window thats too big or drag back on the screen.