Hot Dog Etiquette

After spending years and years of observing misinformed individuals in our great society abuse the sacred hot dog, I feel it is my duty, as a Chicagoan and wienerphile, to educate the masses with the following statement:

Under no circumstances does ketchup (aka catsup) belong on a hot dog!

And while everyone is here, Buffalo Wings are not to be breaded, and should be served with bleu cheese dressing, NOT ranch.

The world would be a more pleasant place if we could just follow these simple rules.

First off, nice way to triple post!!

As for ketchup/catsup on hot dogs, what are you? The hot dog police?

Hey, administrator, send this puppy over to great debates!!

Catsup and mayo on a hot dog. Yummy

He’s right actually. Ketchup just covers up and obscures the flavor of the hotdog.

Mustard, on the other hand, enhances it.

We already HAVE a thread called **Regarding Deja Vu Regarding Deja Vu **

** **

No no no… Ketchup and mustard on the dog. Yum!

Rose :slight_smile: