Hot dogs and miscommunication. *sigh*

I picked up hot dog buns on the way home. I figured I’d be clever. I got “hot-dog-length” buns. Cool, huh? Then I got home and found out my wife had bought “bun-length” hot dogs.

Now the hot dogs hang out of the end of the buns.

Oh, well. Beats having that extra inch of condimented and hotdogless bun when you’re finishing a dog.

Did they come in a pack of 10 or 12?

I’d rather have extra hot dog than extra bread. Sounds like you both did good.

It’s like The Gift of the Magi it is.

Buns and dogs both came in bags of eight. A wee bit of serendipity there, at least.

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Hebrew National packages their hotdogs in sevens. Takes a lot of hotdogs to synch up with our package of eight buns.

Darn you! Darn you to heck!


Heh. I learned a while ago to stop buying hot dog buns in packages of 12, because sooner or later either my wife or myself would cook up some wieners either in Kraft Dinner or scrambled eggs, and we’d be left with extra buns.

Now I get the buns in packs of 8. That leaves four free wieners to be cooked miscellaneously.

Extra hot dog buns are good for peanut butter & jelly, as well as grilled cheese sandwiches.

Extra buns get used for banana and peanut butter sandwiches.

I think I prefer having more hot dog than bun. The buns are always so dry and boring. Let’s get to the meat!

I’ve even used extra buns for garlic bread.

And meatballs and Nutella. Not together, of course. Separate sandwiches.

Since you can make hamburgers in any shape you choose, I’ve been known to make them specifically to fit in leftover hotdog buns. It takes a little bit of fancy slicing to make the cheese fit perfectly though. Not that I’m OCD or anything :wink:

I haven’t done that yet, but I have made hamburgers to fit hoagie rolls. But I am intrigued by your inventiveness…

What planet are you on??

Hmm…let me rephrase in a less hostile fashion, hot dogs and buns are an endless source of aggravation for me.

What brand of hot dogs are you buying? I’ve never seen them in packs of less than 10, and this is as recently as yesterday. Are we talking regular Oscar Meyer wieners?

Maybe it’s a regional thing.

Ball Park Franks come in packs of 8. All types, in fact.

I grew up on hotdogs that came in 8 packs. Didn’t know they traditionally came in bigger packs until much later.

ETA: And the cheap buns came in 10 packs. So I had the saying backwards forever.

I buy the low fat Oscar Mayer that has two sections so I can freeze 4.

Cecil’s analysis
Traditionally, before WWII, hot dog buns only came in dozen packs. They started to put eight in a pack around the war. The 10-pack experiment started around the late 1950s.