Why!!!! Why o why!!!! [hot dogs and hot dog buns]

Ladies and Gents,
Can anyone answer this… Why do hotdogs come in a package of eight and the buns come in a package of SIX…

It’s obviously a consipracy to make you prepare hot dogs in batches of 24.

It’s so that you have to buy 8 packages of buns and 6 packages of hotdogs.

A vast, vast, Orwellian conspiracy.

Cecil addressed this great mystery 25 years ago. Here’s his take on the subject.

I found a great website that answers this very question! :slight_smile:
ETA: Beaten!

Cite? Because my hot dogs (Hebrew National) comes in packages of seven.

Of course, true Erisians know that hot dogs are properly eating sans bun.

I have the opposite problem. I like large sausage type hot dogs that come six to a package, so I have the two extra buns that you ten-wiener lovers are missing.

Life is too short to eat hot dogs in any combination.

It is mandated by the sellers of canned beans - so you have two dogs to add to the baked beans.

The last package of buns I bought contained 8.

And this is why we need better math education in the schools. 4 and 3 would work just fine. See, that stuff really is useful! Now, if they really wanted you to buy large quantities, they’d make the numbers relatively prime.

…Oh. Maybe there really is a vast Jewish conspiracy, after all.

Sounds like you need to grill with a friend, one that uses ten-pack hot dogs. Then if you donate two buns, you’ll both be even.

My favorite version of Hebrew National comes four to a pack. Thus, I could send the OP the remaining two buns to make up for your shortfall.

Thus, I am now officially the double “missing link”!

two minutes late and two dogs short.

Yeah, I realized that after I posted, but meh I went for the first thing that popped into my head, consequences be damned…

In any event, I’ll be here with my 48 hotdogs, chomping away while you moan from the hunger ravaging your stomach because you didn’t buy enough…

I have a hot dog in my pocket.

Seven, obviously, so you have one hot dog for each spot in the menorah.

Wait. Where did you even find a package of 6 hot dog buns? I’ve never seen one.

Are you Anthony Wiener in real life?

Most hot dog packages and bun packages I’ve seen both contain eight. So there are no leftovers of either.