"Hot Felon" Jeremy Meeks gets a modeling contract

You may be right but most women still find guys like this sexy. Even if they won’t admit it.

It’s probably the same way how I would think a hot prison girl is hot over my ex wife.

Holy shit, he’s clairvoyant!

Heh, I’m as straight as they come and even I know he has gorgeous eyes.

Cite? :smiley:

I’ve been a woman for over 55 years and have many woman friends. I won’t deny that some women like the “bad boy” image but,

Most women? No. Is he good-looking and possibly model material? Of course. But saying that isn’t the same as saying “he is sexy and I want to do him and I don’t care about his past, his personality, or the fact that he is married.”

Some women? No most women. Your probably in your 70’s so your smart enough to know that a badboy is not a good idea. If you were 40 years younger you would think differently.

Wrong on all counts. But carry on regardless.

I think it’s more of a visceral reaction than an emotional one that makes women swoon over this guy. I think he’s ridiculously hot sexy man-meat. His features causes a stirring in my lady region. It has nothing to do with his status as a felon or his tattoos or what not. And even though that gaze makes me tingle, I wouldn’t actually sleep with him or otherwise wish to have any relationship with him. It’s just a RAWR, gut reaction.

Well, that’s all that is needed in a model, after all.

I’ll be honest, separating the felony aspect of his life, he is good looking and does have gorgeous eyes. It’s more an observation though. Him, as a whe and knowing his background, does nothing for me.

So true. We women are simple, slow creatures who look for nothing more than a man who will treat us badly and ruin our lives. If only we were a bit smarter, we’d realise guys like chicagowhitesox1173 are where it’s at, but alas, he wallows in perpetual virginity because bitches be stupid.

You really need to see other pictures of him. He’s not really that good looking.

Now his brother… Holy shit…

I can understand finding the guy attractive (even though I think throat tattoos are horrible). Saying he should get out of jail because he’s hot is nuts, and I assume people who say those kinds of things - whether it’s about this guy or Dzhokhar Tsarnaev or any random serial killer - have something seriously wrong with them.

Jesus lady I’m sorry to strike a nerve. All I’m trying to say is women and even men like the danger in relationships. So like I said before the agent who signed him made a wise choice because this will sell. Do ya think I’m wrong by thinking this?

I think anyone claiming that “Most women have a thing for bad boys” is being incredibly condescending to half the world’s population. I’m not offended though, because I know most men who say it have a well-justified inferiority complex. Ok, that last part was hyperbole, but I’m honestly not offended. I just think you’re aligning yourself with the minority percentage of men who hold women in contempt and belittle their choices and simplify the complexity of human attraction, romance and relationships down to “likes bad boys” and then blame the woman for the mistreatment she receives at his hands; and maybe you’re not one of those guys but you’re humming their tune even if you aren’t yet singing their song, so you shouldn’t be surprised when people think you’re in the band, so to speak.

Well I would say over 50 percent of women are attracted to the bad boy image. Which is why I say most women. I also feel most women would probably even have an affair with a bad boy type if they knew nobody would find out. With that said, I feel most women would not take a chance on a long term relationship with guys like this. I don’t think I’m being sexist either because like I said most men are the same way.

Because they want to change them!

It bears repeating that nobody’s established that it’s true in the first place since chicagowhitesox1173 hasn’t published his research yet. Among women who actually do like bad boys, I don’t think that many like a guy who is this bad.

Saying women don’t like bad boys is like me saying men don’t like big boobs.

Now, that doesn’t mean the majority of men are ONLY going to get involved with big breasted women, any more than it means that women are doomed to a life full of bad boyfriends.

I mean, if it’s a one off thing, why NOT go for that bad boy? I wouldn’t advise getting into a relationship with one, but a one night stand holed up in a hotel somewhere?

Have at it! You only live once.

He is fine as hell but also apparently a scumbag.