"Hot Felon" Jeremy Meeks gets a modeling contract

Story here. He’s still in jail, but he has an agent.

Adding a new layer of meaning to the classic showbiz lament, “. . . and I can’t even get arrested!”

Is that a teardrop tattoo below his eye? Isn’t that supposed to mean you’ve killed someone? :eek:

He doesn’t have a modeling contract. He has an agent, and the agent appears to specialize in representing untalented sleaze.

Common misinformation. It has different meanings. One of which could be having killed someone. It could also be in mourning of a lost friend or loved one. It could also signify sadness over a long prison sentence. Basically they stand for tough guy tears.

I think the murder tatts are the ones that are filled in as opposed to just an outline, signifying that they got revenge or some such.

Just what I’ve read, though. All I know for sure is that different types have different meanings.

I don’t get it. I first heard of this guy on “Wait, Wait…” When I saw his picture I was underwhelmed to say the least. The cheesy jailhouse looking tats on his neck and face cancel any natural attractiveness he may possess, IMHO.

Or just a John Waters fan.

I’m oddly looking forward to seeing him as a model in advertisements which are then vandalized/photoshopped to declare that the product is strictly for hardened criminals and other assorted lowlifes.

That’s where I heard about him - on Wait, Wait last Saturday. He undeniably has model good looks but neck tats and teardrop tattoos are a turn-off IMHO - but maybe that could become A Thing, like heroin chic.

Saw this story on the local news. The women reporters were fanning themselves as if they were having hot flashes, rolling their eyes at each other and muttering about how hot he was. Someone commented that he was a crimminal and the replys were “I don’t care” and “I’d still do that.” They made me think of teenaged boys drooling over a hot girl when they think nobody is looking, except this was a news show. Just couldn’t see how this guy was that good looking.

I’m thinking they’re just glad of an excuse to act like teenage boys for once.

Yeah, there’s no way a reporter on a local news program would say “I’d still do that.”

Is that really what women think is good looking? Guy looks like one of the monsters on Twightlight Zone.

Not to mention he is a major scum-bag. He’ll make somebody a real nice girlfriend in prison.

Keep in mind that a lot of people are dumb, nuts, or dumb and nuts and it starts to make sense.

Really? Even from my heterosexual perspective that man looks ridiculously handsome.

LOL, that comment came from a Facebook post, not the anchor lady.

:smiley: (I’m laughing at the mental image of an anchor lady actually saying that.)

The agent who signed this guy is a genius. Women like bad boys and I bet they can make a lot of money off guys like this. I bet a calendar full of goodlooking felons will sell faster than a calendar of fireman too. It’s because a lot of women like badboys. I say good for all involved. The guy may be a felon but maybe this will help putting him in a good path.

I didn’t get that. He looks perfectly okay to me, but I wouldn’t have given him a second thought. In fact, when Andrew Sullivan posted “This guy’s in the wrong line of work,” I had no idea what line of work he was suggesting. Took me a little while to even grasp that people were saying he was something special in appearance.

Now, why is that? Bad boys often beat women. And make themselves useless with drugs, and do a lot of other things no sensible woman would want in her life.

If women think he’s hawt, it’s probably because of the strong jawline, other chiseled features, nice complexion, pretty skin tone and gorgeous eyes. He’s not my type (I prefer the long-haired 70s rocker look-alikes), but I can see what others do. And his eyes are really, really stunning. If they’re not contacts.

Because if you’re gonna be strangled, dismembered and buried in a canyon, it may as well be by Mr. July.