Hot Pockets recalled. Batch found to have "Diseased and unsound animal parts" in them.

This is mostly the “Philly Steak and Cheese” brand, mind you.

Considering I had two of them about a week ago, I can think of one product I’m probably not going to buy very much anymore.

Ditto. Luckily the pockets I dug out of the freezer for a snack were the Cuban Sandwich ones.

But no, I’ll pass on the Hot Pockets for the forseeable future, thank you very much. It’s a plot to make me eat healthier, I tell you!

I’ve been boycotting Hot Pockets ever since they switched to that godawful “garlic buttery crust” – diseased body parts actually sound tasty, by comparison. :rolleyes:

Hot Pockets recalled by PETA. Found to contain “Deceased and unethical animal parts” in them.

Unethical? Thats very unexpected. Not a word i , would relate with food. Weird, hot pockets use.that gmo meat anyway how good can they think they are and whos to say what can crawl in their vats.:confused:

Hot Pockets recalled by delusional man. Memory of them found to contain “Delicious and savory animal parts.”

Since genetically modified livestock is not approved for use as food, I’d like to see a cite for this.

I read that last night and looked up the recall.

8.7 MILLION POUNDS OF GROUND BEEF are being recalled.

I looked up the average capacity of a dump truck in order to try and scale this in my brain.

They are recalling enough ground beef to fill ~170 dump trucks.

The article in the OP doesn’t say it was ground beef, it says it was ‘8.7 million pounds of beef parts, including whole carcasses and heads, feet, livers and so-called “mountain oysters,” among other items’. Those ‘other items’ may have been ground beef though.

Now I’m hearing Jim Gaffigan: “Dis-eeeased Pockets!”


I stand corrected. Still a lot of beef parts, though.

After this news, I’m looking forward to his next standup routine.

I was under the impression that they didn’t actually find any diseased beef, but that the inspections weren’t done properly so they just don’t know if any diseased meat got through. Big difference in facts, but not nearly as interesting a headline.

I’m surprised they found any real meat in a Hot Pocket to begin with! Those things are foul.

Yeah, the quote in the article actually is:

I’m surprised they found any food components - meat, non-meat, GMO meat or food byproducts. Hot Pockets are synthesized glop.

I particularly like the ones that are so loaded with nastiness they are coyly listed as two servings each.

Once again, there is no such thing as GMO meat. GMO livestock is not approved for use in food.

Fun fact: Nestle is periodically embroiled in scandal. The classic one involved third world baby formula where they had dressed their marketers up as healthcare professionals and handed the stuff out, promoting early weaning among villagers who lacked access to clean water. Then they agreed to follow certain guidelines. Then they broke those guidelines.

Their Carnation division, IIRC, palmed off corn syrup as apple juice. For babies. And now this.

So, that button turns off your sense of humor? Got it. :slight_smile:

(You picked one absurdity among several and missed the point, that is.)

I don’t know, I’m reading on the Hot Pocket’s FB page that a lot of people who ate Hot Pockets in the last few days became very sick…the “stuff constantly flowing out of both ends” kind of sick.