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Was it just my youthful imagination, or was there really a Hot Stuff comic (early 70’s). I believe it was a Harvey comic. THe star was a little devil, red, horns and pointy tail. THere was even plenty of comic cussing (*$#!! kind of stuff).

In todays pc world this kind of stuff would never be published for kids. Was it for real. Any web stuff on it?

Now that brings back memories. I owned a “Hot Stuff” comic about the same time as I had a “Hee Haw” comic. Unfortunately, my fundy upbringing forced me to dispose of it. Oh, well…

Here’s a website:

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Hot Stuff was one point in Harvey’s unholy trinity that also included Casper the Ghost and Wendy the Witch. There were a lot of crossovers between the three and yes, there was a lot of !#@%$&!!!

Even though, (I think) “Little Devil” was in the title, he was really more of an imp (tripping old ladies and upsetting push carts) than a devil (collecting souls and supervising Hell).

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I remember the Hot Stuff comics. Here’s something to chew on: AFAIK, “Hot Stuff” was the only major Harvey Comics character that was never turned into an animated cartoon. We got Herman & Katnip, Casper, Baby Huey and Little Lulu in theatrical shorts made in the 40’s anf 50’s. Wendy shosed up on TV in the 60’s, and there was a recent live-action version of Wendy that I didn’t care to see.

But no Hot Stuff. Was he, uhm… too hot to handle?

Couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:

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“Herman” and “Katnip.”

That brings back memories.

I remember watching those cartoons as a child.

I didn’t know that it was supposed to be set in Brooklyn or somehere else in New York, and I thought the mouse’s name was “Hoyman,” and that’s what I called him (in SC).

I think Hot Stuff teamed up with Richie Rich once. . .

Anyone ever see “Hot Stuff”, a totally hilarious fire safety film made by some Canadian public broadcasting company? I saw it in my current events class on our Bad Film Day.

For those who must know, the full titles were:
Hot Stuff the Li’l Devil
Casper the Friendly Ghost
Wendy the Good Little Witch

I don’t believe Hot Stuff’s comic was as popular as the other two, but I can’t site statistics. That may be why

The Hee-Haw comic sounds like the epitome of bad taste. I must find it.

Headless Cow said:

“Hot Stuff”, directed by the vowelly challenged Zlatko Grgic, and produced by Canada’s (utterly wonderful) National Film Board. Here’s the link:

Launcher may train without warning.

Little Lulu (the comic book, which, as with Donald Duck, was an infinite improvement on the original) was a Western Publishing aka Gold Key aka Dell title, not Harvey.

You forgot Spooky, the Tuff Little Ghost.

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Speaking of politically incorrect, there was another comic book character called “Lotta,” who was, ahem, rather stout.

Get it? “Lotta.” As though, there’s a lotta “Lotta.”

Oh, well. . . .

And of course Little Dot, with her strange interior-decoration fixation.

Little Lotta had this strange sideline…the fact that she was such a fat load made her super-strong, for some reason. At least half her punch-lines had to do with her doing things like lifting up buses; the other half always had her finishing off a herds-worth of burgers, or eating fifty gallons of ice cream at a sitting. Such humor! So why did Lotta’s dominant personality trait pay off in super-powers, and Dot’s didn’t?

Richie Rich bothered me more than any of the others, though. The way he’d use hundred-dollar bills to plug up holes in a floorboard, the Koh-i-Noor diamond to plunge out his toilet, stuff like that. Probably a big influence on my current Marxist/Anarchist political views.


I think Lotta’s last name was “Plump”. Dot’s last name was, of course, “Polka”.

Unlike Lotta, Dot didn’t have superpowers per se, but she did have one heck of a lot of gadgets; sort of like the difference between Superman and Batman.

Typical one-pager from Li’l Lotta:

Lotta walks out of a diner with an “All you can eat buffett” sign in the window. The last frame is of the distressed restaurantuer replacing the sign with a new one that reads “Out of Business”.

Anyone remember “Sad Sack”, Harvey’s version of Beetle Bailey?

Elmer J. Fudd,
I own a mansion and a yacht.

The Sad Sack actually goes back a little further than that…he first appeared during WWII, and did grown-up soldierly things like patronize prostitutes.

God knows how or why Harvey Comics got hold of him and turned him into a children’s comics character.

Lotta and Dot did a number of buddy-style stories together. First Lotta would eat a whole lot, then Dot would paint dots on something, then Lotta would eat again. And perhaps lift a bus. I would laugh so hard I’d cry.


I knew we were forgetting someone and I just remembered who it is: Li’l Audrey! Li’l Lulu clone, extraordinare! I think the only difference (besides one being Dell and the other Harvey) was the color dress they wore.

Elmer J. Fudd,
I own a mansion and a yacht.

I don’t remember Li’l Audrey being interesting. Little Lulu (comic book – the original was a single-panel female Dennis the Menace) was interesting.

Comic books based on strips were often quite different from the original. Henry could talk. Nancy had Barks-style adventures. Lulu remained a suburban child, but was the clever leader of the neighborhood tots (though the boys hated to admit it). (And, of course, there were the Poor-Little-Girl-and-Witch-Hazel stories, but they were always in a tertiary universe created by Lulu, though they were written and drawn in the very same style as Lulu’s own universe.)

John W. Kennedy
“Compact is becoming contract; man only earns and pays.”
– Charles Williams

I LOVED Hot Stuff. Caspar was a wimpy little dweeb, yuck! Wendy was okay, except for being a girl, double yuck! Hot Stuff was the best. Richie Rich bothered me, too: we weren’t exactly plugging our floor boards with hundred dollar bills. That’s why I’m so anti-communist now. I want to plunge my toilet with the Koh-i-Noor.

I also want to be a devil and not a ghost when I kick off; Caspar should just go to hell.