Hot tea at a taco joint?

Reading through some EveryBlock posts, someone in my nutty, diverse, beautiful neighborhood said she walked out of a taco joint because she couldn’t get hot tea there.

I was like, “??”

I would never expect a little hole in the wall taco/burrito place to have hot tea available. Ever. MAYBE at a full sit-down or chain place, but a little one where you order/pay at the counter and then someone brings the food to your table? No.

I told her she was weird to expect that.

Who here would expect to see hot tea on a taco joint menu?

I’m pretty sure if I ran a taco joint and somebody asked for hot tea I would go Soup Nazi.

No tacos for you! Out! now!

Did the place serve coffee? If yes, then I’d expect tea to be available too. All it requires is boiling water and a packet of teabags.

I wouldn’t even at a place that served coffee.

In the US it’s not common at all. I can’t think of a single fast food place off the top of my head that serves tea. Many serve coffee, though.

As for the OP–yeah, that seems really weird to me. I can’t say I remember any taqueria serving hot beverages of any kind around here. I’ve had coffee at Mexican sit-down restaurants, though, and I have seen tea at some of them.

No, expecting hot tea at a taqueria is completely unreasonable.

Why would a taco joint have boiling water and teabags ready to go? A coffee pot, OK, there might be the occasional request and the morning crew will appreciate it but I’d sooner ask for tonic water than tea.

Yes, there’s coffee on the menu - they do serve breakfast and American-style at that with pancakes if people so desire. But no tea, and I wouldn’t expect it, either. I also would only order the coffee in the morning and would be highly suspicious of how long it was sitting on the burner any other time of day, nor would I be miffed if they claimed to be out of coffee/don’t serve it after about 11am.

To serve its customers who want tea.

Well that’s the difference. I’d expect any eatery, of whatever level of complexity, to serve both coffee and tea. They’re the standard post-meal drinks.

Wait, what? Pancakes? You said taco joint.
I must say, this does change what I was imaging.
Which place are we talking about?

Here, at the counter-order type restaurants, hot coffee and tea are really not standard. Especially not hot tea at a Mexican place.

Just a quick and dirty check, I looked on GrubHub for how many restaurants deliver in my area - 449. Of those, “hot tea” is available from 71 of them, and of those, 5 Mexican places offer “hot tea.” Of the 449 in my area that deliver on GrubHub, 152 offer “coffee” as a menu item and 18 of those are Mexican.

Hot coffee and tea are a hit-or-miss thing at a lot of restaurants, and the only ones I would expect to get hot tea are nicer sit-downs, diners (and only Lipton at those), and Asian cuisines.

El Rey Del Taco - Yelp page here. I haven’t heard of it before tonight, I’ll likely never eat there. I still found it very odd that someone would expect hot tea there, much less walk out because they didn’t have any.

No, in fact I’d regard a taco place that sells hot tea with suspicion.

I have to say this changes things. I thought we were talking about a taco stand.
If you serve a sit-down breakfast then I can see expecting tea.

Getting hot tea in an American restaurant is an exercise in futiity. It’s most likely to be Lipton’s and served lukewarm.

Places that serve coffee do not necessarily have hot water for tea: the coffee is brewed, but since tea is rarely ordered, there isn’t hot water waiting.

Admittedly, things are improving (it used to be the only decent tea in a restaurant was in Chinese restaurants), and there are some excellent tea shops in larger cities (Argo Tea in Chicago). And Starbucks has added Teavana, so at least they’re trying. But for the average small restaurant, the tea will be indifferent and it’s quite likely they won’t serve it.

Not having hot water is a BS excuse. Put 8oz of water in a Pyrex cup and you can have it boiling in 2 minutes with your microwave. You are a restaurant, you should be able to heat some water without it being a problem.

You serve American-style breakfast, you should have American-style breakfast drinks, like coffee and tea. Yes, the tea will be a sad bag of Lipton in lukewarm water, but that’s what passes for tea in the average American-style restaurant.

Tea is not an “American-style breakfast drink”. American-style breakfast drinks are pretty much limited to coffee, orange juice, or milk. Some Americans do drink tea with breakfast, of course, but then, we’re a nation of many cultures. It’s still far from standard.

Actually, they pretty much all seem to serve tea. It may not be on the board but they all seem to have it if you ask.

Huh. It never occurred to me to ask if it wasn’t on the board. I also was thinking of the ma & pop fast food stands around here, and they usually have a pot of coffee around, but no tea that I could see. But, then again, I never asked. It’s not something I would have expected, since it’s not on their menus. Just seems weird to serve tea and not have it up.

I wouldn’t expect tea at a taco stand, but I also wouldn’t expect pancakes at a taco stand. If they sell pancakes and coffee, I would expect tea.