Do you drink hot tea?

I’ve just read somewhere that most Americans prefer iced tea over hot tea.(SAVAGES!!!)

Is it true for you?

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I drink hot tea.

But as a native of Southern California, I also drink a lot of iced tea.

‘Sweet tea’ is consumed by savages.

I’m drinking hot tea right now. I also keep a pitcher of iced tea in the fridge in summer time. I use a large Mason jar for drinking either, and have for more than 20 years. The same jar!

I usually drink about 6-8 cups of decaffeinated hot tea per day. I am drinking one now (the chances were pretty high).

I have never been in a situation where I had to choose between tea and iced tea (where I come from, you don’t specify the hot!). There are appropriate times for either and I will chose the correct one, assuming I’m not having something else instead.

I don’t drink iced tea. I don’t drink tea very often, but when I do it’s hot.

I like hot tea better, although I don’t drink much tea at all.

I drink hot tea often - my office tends to be chilly. I also drink iced tea often - I live in a part of the world that gets 100+ days for weeks or even months on end, and, trust me, you want to drink as much cold stuff as you can.

This is much better when read in the voice of The Most Interesting Man In The World.

Sometimes I think that I’m the only one in the world that can’t stand the taste of tea, of any kind. Maybe it’s genetic, like cilantro?

I drink both hot tea and iced tea … green tea in both cases, and of course not (ugh) sweetened. I lived for a time in Viet Nam, where every household from the peasant to the millionaire has a pot of tea ready to serve acquaintances who might drop by. In the restaurants though, iced green tea is served free because it’s so sweltering hot there. Even at coffee shops, if you order ice coffee, they will bring you free iced tea to go with it!

Most of my mornings begin with either tea or coffee. I drink lots of iced tea everyday. Unsweetened, and quite strong.

I drink three or four cups a day. Usually decaf, but not always…

You’re in fairly good company; James Bond, per Ian Fleming, hated it and thought it tasted like dirt. (I wonder if Ian Fleming himself held that view, or if it was only attributed to the character as a literary device?)

A friend was just telling me about the first time she ever had a really good cup of tea. We Yanks are mostly accustomed to Lipton’s in tea-bags, heated in a microwave. (I confess, that’s mostly what I take.)

Say…has the rise of the Tea Party in America been responsible for any increase in tea consumption? “Any publicity is good publicity?” The word is heard more often than, say, ten years ago?

Tea, properly served, is iced, sweetened to within an inch of saturation, and poured by a waitress who is also delivering your plate of ribs and greens.

I think it was in California about 17ish years ago when I discovered that iced tea isn’t always served sweetened. I enjoy sweetened iced tea, but really enjoyed the unsweetened version. I’m pretty sure that you can’t possibly get the unsweetened version up here in Ontario, Canada.

And I drink hot tea all the time, not as often as coffee but probably 30 - 50 times a year.

I’m a Southerner by birth and upbringing, so I drink my share of sweet iced tea. I also drink hot tea quite often…when my environment is cool enough. (No hot drinks for me in the summer or when the heat is cranked up to “Nuclear Pile” in the office. I don’t know how my coworkers slurp down so much hot coffee.)

Hot tea most of the time – a couple of cups a day at work in the winter; cut back to one in the summer.

I don’t care for iced tea, except for Lipton’s diet citrus, which I do love.

I drink hot tea and iced coffee, contrarian that I am.

A long time ago, I went out to dinner with a bunch of relatives strangers to a Chinese restaurant. One of the women in the group asked for “tea” with no qualifiers and when the waiter brought hot tea. She looked at him like he was an idiot and gestured at the cup like it was a turd, saying “What’s this?” It took a few questions for everyone to realize that she wanted iced tea, not hot tea. I didn’t say it of course, but at the time I thought it was extremely naive for someone to order tea in a Chinese restaurant and expect to get iced tea.

I think hot tea all day.

I like both hot and iced tea, I do specify “hot” when ordering, and I loathe unsweetened iced tea. Coffee is horrible but hot cocoa is nice.

It’s caused an increase in demand but a decrease in supply.