How do you like your tea?

Do you take it with milk or sugar? Or do you like different types?

Black tea, no milk, just a bit of sugar. And no lemon

I don’t drink black tea often, but when I do, I prefer it not too strong with sugar and a slice of lemon.

I do drink a lot of rooibos tea, and like various kinds. This I only take with a little sweetener.

Despite growing up down south in the US, I don’t care for iced tea at all.

Just plain, hot and not too strong. No contaminants, unless I want to use it to dilute my vodka, in which case I would also add some sugar and lemon. (Black tea, whiskey, sugar and cream is also an acceptable mixture).

Black tea and green tea I drink straight. I add milk and sugar to chai.

When forced to have cheap tea, I’ll use sugar and lemon to mask the taste.

Ice tea, no lemon, very light ice, sweetener.

Black tea (Twining’s Irish Breakfast being my favourite), with milk and sugar.

While I start every day with a 16oz coffee, I love tea too, and will often have a couple cups in the evenings. Have a couple dozen different flavors/kinds in my cupboard. Right now I’m having super strong black tea with honey, amaretto and cream (it’s been that kind of week). Often I’ll do bourbon. Other times I’ll feel like an herbal, or a green, or a white - those can be fruity or spicy. Will usually do a dab of honey or teaspoon of sugar with those.

Hot: Black and plain

Iced: Black, ice, and lemon wedge

Green tea, iced, a little sweetener.

Hot black tea (don’t care for iced), not too strong, no milk or sugar. If it’s a flavored tea, I’ll add a bit of sweetener. Actually, I don’t drink tea to often; much prefer coffee.

Black loose-leaf tea (preferably Darjeeling) with a bit of sugar; I’ve been trying to cut back on the sugar (for my teeth). If the tea is too strong maybe a little milk, too. Never with lemon.

Iced tea is normally Southern style sweet tea, black, occasionally with lemon.

Rooibos I drink straight.

I like many varieties of tea; how I like them served depends on the variety (though I prefer them all at least somewhat sweet). I’ll just list a few favorites.


Black tea, very strong, milk and sugar. My first choice with breads and pastries.
Masala chai, also milk and sugar.
Spearmint tea, slightly sweet, often with honey.

Cold (but preferably no ice):

Black tea, dark as coffee, very sweet (sweetened while still hot). Best with meals.
Jasmine green tea, slightly sweet, sometimes with honey.
My herbal blend–marjoram, catnip, peppermint, licorice root, lemongrass, and orange peel. Moderately sweet. (Encountered it at a RenFest, then figured out how to make it myself.)

No milk or sugar. Sometimes I’ll add a squeeze of lemon.

Tea with milk and sweetener, none of that lemon business either. And it has to be a decently dark shade, I don’t want something that looks like you just waved a teabag over it and walked off, it should be what my mother describes as “a cup of tea you can stand the spoon up in”.

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Lots of lemon!

I hate hot milk. No milk for me. Black and as strong as possible. I never take out the teabag, it’s not possible to get too strong. Sometimes just black, sometimes with a little lemon.

Black, steeped too long, (Yorkshire, Irish Breakfast or Typhoo lately) with no additives. I use a dark mug so I don’t need to see the stains.

Black, just like my … coffee.