hotel lighting

I have been spending a lot time in hotels lately on business and have noticed something in common with all. Why are there no overhead lights in a hotel room? They all use those worthless wall mount lights, sometimes a tall floor lamp or nightstand lamp. I always have to go around and turn every one of them on to make the room not have a dark corner(s). I am in China right now and its even worse. All the bulbs are like 25watt here. I know why the wattage, so as to save $$.


I have seen hotels with overhead lighting.

I suspect it’s easier to replace burnt-out bulbs in lamps and sconces.

I used to travel constantly for business. I used to spend more time in hotel rooms than I spent in my own, well-lit home. Hotel rooms are notorious for having ‘ambient’, aka, dim lighting. I hated it, and it was part of the dragged-down feeling of from constant business travel I had in those days.
Here is a **lovely and useful ** suggestion. Take some 100 watt bulbs with you when you travel and replace the lights in your hotel room as soon as you get there. You’ll feel better.