Hotels in Chicago with nice views and a Large Bathtubs

I know this is a weird question, but it does have a factual answer.

Can anyone reccommend a nice (3.5 star or better) hotel in downtown Chicago where there are rooms that have nice views and a large bathtub. I am planning a romantic weekend and would like a bathtub which can comfortably accomodate two adults simultaneously. Jacuzzis are nice, but not required. It would great if such a room were available for less than $300.00. Your help is appreciated.

I stayed at the Drake a couple weeks ago and was quite impressed. The view was absolutely great. The bath tub in my particular room wasn’t as impressive, but I am sure if you called and asked, they could find you something nice. I reserved for $175, but the room was going for $450 that weekend on expedia, so you might want to bargain/shop around/book early.

Your best bet would be a boutique hotel like this one. Or executive suites at any of the major players (Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton, W) will have larger bathrooms.

Check out the hotel’s web site too, because all of the big boys also have best rate assuances so you’re not likely to find better rates on third party booking sites.

The Westin chain has made a point of luxurious bathrooms. I stayed at their Washington, DC property and found it terrific. But I don’t know any specifics for their Chicago locations.

The Four Seasons was great. I took a bath every day when I spent a business trip there.

And it’s way the hell up in the sky…my suite was on the 70-somethingth floor, with a view out over the old “Bunny Beacon” to Lake Michigan. I changed rooms on the last night to the other side of the hotel, and enjoyed a wonderful atmospheric performance of a major thunderstorm approaching the city over the flatlands to the west.

…oh, and this sort of thread doesn’t belong in GQ. Good views and bathtub sizes are subjective, no matter what you say. Let me move it to IMHO for you.

I stayed at the Millenium in April. It was very nice - great views down Michigan Ave. to the lake, big comfy beds, big tubs, great location.

All in all, very nice. About $200/night.

I think you’d be lucky to get any Four Seasons for $300/night, but if you can, take it.