Looking for A Hotel In Downtown Chicago.......

…in the vicinity of the German Christmas Markets. I’m not familiar with downtown, so any help would be appreciated.

I want to visit the weekend of the 14th of December and want to come straight from the airport and try to avoid a rental car if I can.

Room rates under a hundred bucks if possible. Can any of you Chicago Dopers reccomend something?

Thanks in advance


The Christkindlemarkets (hope I got that close to right) are in the Daley Center plaza, on Dearborn and Washington. The Palmer House is close by, on State and Monroe - about three blocks away. The Hotel Burnham on Washington and State is less than a block away. The Allegro Hotel is about two blocks away, and they used to have pretty reasonable rates and good promotions. But I doubt that anything in downtown proper will be under $100.

Can you, say, stay in Lincoln Park at a smaller hotel (like the City Suites on Belmont, or the Days Inn on Clark) and take the train in? The markets are right by any train line you take, and that might keep you on budget.

Gundy’s info is all correct, as far as I know. Again, downtown hotel rooms under $100 is…well, wishful thinking, I would say. FWIW, here’s the CTA train map, if you need to cross-reference into other neighborhoods. If you’re flying into O’Hare, the Blue line is your friend. you can take it straight from the airport to Downtown. If you fly in to Midway, ditto for the Orange line.


Wherever you stay, not having a car should not be an issue. I brought my mom and two friends in a few months ago. Country mice that they are, I put them right off LakeShore Drive (although not downtown) and they had no problems with the busses/Els/taxis. I think they stayed at the Days Inn Gold Coast and payed around $140 for a two-bed suite.

I’ve heard prices are way down (about 30%) because of the current travel depression. I think I heard on the news the other day that the Days In was $109.

You are the youngest person I have ever heard to use that term. I knew there was something special about you!

Check out this

Gundy, I don’t mind taking the train in and it looks like I found some decent deals on rooms as well. The Holiday Inn City Center: 90 bucks a night and Holiday Inn O’Hare Int’l: 80 bucks a night. If I’m taking the train in anyway, it won’t matter where I stay unless y’all know something I don’t.

I really appreciate all the advice and the maps.

I’m going to the Christkindl Markets mainly for the atmosphere (since I won’t get to go to Germany for Christmas) and to do a little shopping and to drink a little Glühwein :D.

Thanks again!