Chicago motels and CTA Access

OK, so the past several trips I’ve made to Chicago, I’ve “pricelined” myself tickets in the loop (or North Mich Ave) for about $90/night. It’s always been nothing but great. This has always come with the whole "I’m on vacaction, etc, part of the trip routine, so I always say “what the hell” when it comes to what I pay (yes, $100 is a lot of money for me). I’ve never needed a car on these trips, and getting around the major areas I want to is never a problem (using 90% redline, 10% other lines).

So now I’ve got tickets to Radiohead in Chicago a week from today (Monday), and damn if those rooms aren’t now coming in at $350+ per night :eek: . So, the question is motel availability along accessible train stops. There is no “nice” requiremnet here, but I’m not particularly interested in the something that’s not safe either (although I’d probably be fine with it if I had to).

I know there are Chicago dopers galore. Any recommendations? Flying southwest into Midway, by the way.

There’s a group of hotels at the Rosemont stop on the Blue Line that are way out by O’Hare. Embassy Suites and some others. The only place I’ve ever stayed in Chicago. They’re WAY out there (it’ll take a bit of time to get to and from the Loop), but as I said, they’re not more than a few blocks from the train, and maybe the distance will bring down the cost a bit.

The natives will probably have better suggestions though.

Try the Arlington House in Lincoln Park. It’s a decent place in a great location and private rooms start at $54 ($68 for a full ensuite).

Many hotels near the airports have free shuttle services to the airport, both airports have subway service. When I worked there for a week I picked a hotel near Midway, they dutifully shuttled my ass to the airport metro station at Midway each morning and then picked my tired ass up after a hard day’s work and transported it back to the hotel. Now if there was only a way that I can send my ass off without the rest of me :smiley:

Woah, this looks like it might be the perfect answer. I’m going to confer w/ my little bro, and have a feeling this will work. How about the pic of the “dorms” for $24/night? Interesting! Looks like a jail. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the OP is better suited to IMHO rather than General Questions.

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