Hotmail help!

For reasons I would feel silly explaining, I urgently need to sign up for a Hotmail account with a specific address but I’m stuck. The problem is every time I get sent to the signup page it only gives me ‘’ as the end part. I desperately need to get a certain address that ends in ‘.com’.


Please? :o

You might need someone here in .com-land to register it for you.
I volunteer, if you’re interested.

Email at my username at hotmail.
Or (faster), AIM me at my username.

Hmmm. Your ISP DNS servers are most likely pointing to a UK Hotmail site. See what happens if you point your browser to

jnglmassiv, I think it’s gonna have to be your way as Adams idea was fruitless. :frowning:
What is your AIM name?

Try changing the Windows regaional settings from UK to US. You can do this in the Control Panel Regional & Language Options applet.

It contains a drop-down called Location which is most likely have set to UK. Some websites can read this setting to direct you to appropriate pages or to tailor their flash ads to your location.

I suspect that in the case of hotmail it can determine whether to set you up as a .com or a

No need, jnglmassiv did it for me, thanks to all though.
Now to sit back and wait for the e-mails to arrive! :smiley:

It was my pleasure.

Oh, just noticed my name on there. :smiley: