hotmail log jam?? email limbo? something else?

Color me paranoid. I have a work email address and a ‘hotmail’ email address. I’m not able to access the work one though non work computers (I’m not nearly important enough), but of course, can access my hotmail through any computer.

I won’t go into the long involved strained thing about work stations etc. (poor Fenris has gotten an earful already). But something has just happened. Now, before I fly off the handle at techguy jr. (who, by the way suggested that when I could access my hotmail but not my work related account said "there is something wrong with your compter, not your mailbox. " )I want to make sure I understand what happened.

For my own reasons, Yesterday I initiated an email from my work station computer in cubicle land to my hotmail account (nothing nefarious, just some dates and email addresses for my board). I went to my remote station later that afternoon and nothing… wasn’t there. I sent that message yesterday AM. Now, baffled, I sent several more this morning. Just now, they all came through. So, from Monday at 10:20 am until Tuesday at 2:49 pm, where the hell were they??? Please note, during the time period in question, I got other emails from other places, so Hotmail itself wasn’t the problem.

I think the problem was with your work account. The messages got stalled for some reason.

However, I have had other hotmail problems starting this month, about the time they switched to their new format. The screen just seems to hang and it takes a long time to read mail now. Also, the browser just locks up and i have to reboot. Dang it!