Hotmail's down; or, Why I haven't answered your letter

I have, the last time I checked, 39 new messages in my Hotmail mailbox. However, I can’t access any of them. MSN Messenger is up (that’s how I know how many emails I have) but Hotmail is down, possibly under the weight of all the emails I can’t retrieve!

I NEED my email! The fate of the Straight Dope depends on it! I’ll, I’ll…quit Hotmail? That’ll show 'em! Once I quit paying Hotmail…

Ahem. Anyway, to put this in a borderline IMHO mode…

Does anyone know of any email service that DOESN’T go down very often? This is twice that Hotmail has let me down…and I haven’t been using it that long! Less than a week or so, I think. While the price is certainly right, I want dependability, too. Any suggestions?

No, I have no suggestions, but I do want to say DAMN THEM! I haven’t been able to check my email in DAYS!!! (Not that I’ll have any new messages, but I still like to check…) Have you tried Yahoo?

I use, I like them. They are dependable.

I used to use, but it was a little slow at times, and occasionally they upgraded and then it was down. I’ve been on a cable modem for the last year and a half, though, so I’m bound to be impatient. So now I’m back to Yahoo. It’s hardly ever down, but occasionally it’s slow. Nothing’s perfect, but I like Yahoo the best.

Never try Excite mail. It is evil.

I’ve not had any problems with hotmail recently. I just checked it after reading this, and it’s got to my mail with no problem.

Umm… I didn’t like yahoo when I had that one. I briefly used Eudora mail. The other free e-mails I have are at and I don’t know how good the ecfans will turn out to be, because I just got that one.

I use Yahoo’s free E-mail. I can’t remember the last time it went down on me. I mean, what am I doing wrong? And why are all of you complaining?

I want my E-mail to go down on me too!

My Hotmail’s been down all day too.
Bad Microsoft, Bad Bill Gates

Yeah, Hotmail’s been doing some kind of upgrade or something the last couple weeks; I’ve had intermittent “issues” with it myself. Sucks to know you’ve got mail there and can’t get to it!

I am so pissed at Not-So-HotMail right now that it’s hard to type! Not because I can’t get mail, but because the last 3 times that I’ve tried to reply to an email - IE pops me with an error .exe message, wipes out my (lengthy) reply and shuts itself off!.

(bad words deleted)

After the billionth time that Hotmail went down, I switched to Netscape Webmail. I’ve been fairly happy with it.

Lynn: Since you’re my favorite admin*, I’ll give you an email addy at my website ( if you want it. It’s free, too. :slight_smile: I don’t know about the reliability (I only check mine there once a week), but it seems to be pretty good. Email me direct, and I’ll set it up.

[sub]*–we need an ass-kissing smiley[/sub]:smiley: has web-based email that is reliable. :slight_smile: It’s powered by

Another vote for Yahoo here. I have never had a problem accessing or recieving my mail, and it’s fast.

Yahoo works for me, never had it down.

A really good one is, which will forward for free, so you don’t have to be web based to use it.

This is important to me, since I am a temp worker without a home computer and want to have my mail follow me from job to job.

This is odd.

Often I have the IE shutdown while replying to email problem that Lost describes. At work I have Outlook Express, and use my Hotmail account from there to send email, thus circumventing the problem However, I usually read emails on the web as son as MSN Messenger notifies me. When I reply on the web, bingo shutdowno.

Not today, though. Today, I write an email in Outlook Express, but when I came to send it, it refused to know me, saying my password was wrong There can’t be anything wrong with my password, as I’m fine in MSN Messenger. I logged off and on to check.

So, I write my email from the web, and everything was fine. I even got a reply (from Alphagene, no less).

The only thing worse than a flaw is an inconsistent flaw.

I was having the same problem accessing Hotmail using IE, but I switched to Netscape and was able to use it just fine. Cool, I thought, Microsoft has finally sabotaged itself.

Thank you, one and all. I’m going to look into Yahoo, definitely. AFTER I retrieve my 74 unread messages from Hotmail. I’m really getting twitchy here, folks.

Well, I have two addresses. One of them (the main one I use and the one that’s in my profile here) I still can’t get into. The other one that I have I can get into (finally), but I wasn’t able to for a few days. Thirty-freakin’-two pages of new messages. :mad:

But in all the replys, not one said AOHell… I have the cheap BYOA and it is very dependable and I get all the AOHell bennies too. I LOVE it. Fast, dependable, get it anywhere form any server, off most anybodys computer that will allow me to log on, local access #'s all over the country, ::::: sigh ::: it is so Wonderful…
::::::: flee ::::::::

Ok. The email gods are conspiring against me. Hotmail has been down more often than not the past few days. (Not fun when you’re sending out resumes…) I got a Yahoo account, because everyone has been saying how wonderful it is. YahooMail, for some reason, crashes my browser. To top it off, AltaVista free access is gone, and I had to scramble to find another alternative, and am stuck with Should be called because it sucks. Oh well.

Heh, and the outgoing mail server at work is so slow I might as well go hand deliver messages to people…

::Rasa twitches from a lack of email::