Yahoo mail is down.

Couldn’t check my mail for the past 2 hours. Hope nothing is lost.

Is it me, or is Yahoo really unreliable? Maybe I should use gmail as my primary address.

What happens when you try? blank page, or ‘service unavailable’ message?

In future, this site may help determine whether it’s down, or just you:

Can log into mobile website and see existing messages, cannot receive messages I’ve sent myself. A few hours I couldn’t log in, website said they were down, iPhone mail said my password was wrong.

Thanks, I’ve found twitter is great for things like these, since there are so many contributors and it’s easy to search. See #yahoomail now

I just sent a mail from my yahoo ID to to my same yahoo ID and received it in 3 minutes.

It’s back up, and looks like all my self messages were received, so hopefully I didn’t miss anything. Some faith in yahoo restored.

What the hell? What year am I in? People still seriously use Yahoo for e-mail? Or anything for that matter.

[Thomas Anderson]



Sure, it’s free. It does what I need. I’ve had the same email address for many years. It’s easy to remember and easy for other people to remember also. I don’t have to go through the hassle of telling people about a change of address if I were to go to a new email, say gmail for instance.

I hate yahoo, but I’ve had it for 12 years and it’s a pain in the ass to switch. I might switch if I could forward my messages, but that’s a pay service to do it automatically. Google already knows too much about me, so I’m not sure where I’d go otherwise.

People do kind of look at you like “Yahoo?” but it’s not like AOL or something. :slight_smile:

I never realized people look down on yahoo accounts. I’ve had this one since 1996. It would be such a hassle to change!

I still use mine. I have half a dozen other accounts I also use but Yahoo is linked to a bunch of lists that I read.

Yahoo Finance is more useful and informative than CNBC or any other free finance page.

Hotmail went down for about half an hour this morning, too. Coincidence? I think not.

My gmail account goes down way more often than my yahoo account. I’ve had yahoo for ages and haven’t found a compelling reason to make my gmail account my primary one.

My suspicion of yahoo is not based only on this incident. I’ve missed at least 1 important email, that went missing.

I have a yahoo account, 2 Hotmail and 3 Gmail.
Yahoo is by far the least reliable.

This is new. I click my bookmark for Yahoo Mail and everything’s fine. I click on the “what’s new” tab for news, and when I click on the “more news” link that I use every day, it changes to a new location in Chesterfield, MO and says, “Hi Fred!” on the top of the page. It usually has my username and Chicago, Il as the location. When I try to click on anything about Fred, it makes me sign-in again and Fred goes away. But I’ve signed out and back in several times now (using my bookmark) and the news page saying hi to Fred keeps happening.

I’m at work on the desktop I use every day with my private administrator password. No one’s signed in under my password because no one has it and I shut the computer down every night, so it’s not like someone accidentally signed in.

I have never had problems with my yahoo account until now. Not a good sign that it’s been down for a few hours. It may be time for me to jump ship to google.

I am having no problems getting my Yahoo mail.