Hottest cast on television

Inspired by the following aside:

I might have to agree with True Blood. Maybe Lost is up there, but that’s more of a conventional, maybe even plastic beauty compared to the well-described “quirky” good looks of the True Blood cast.

I know I’m blanking on other candidates, though, so what show do you think has the hottest cast?

Heh, I think Kate and Claire would look downright plain next to Jessica and Sarah who are just smoldering. And damn MaryAnn is just fucking sexy as hell, but I LOVE that strong fierce middle-aged sex goddess look. That’s totally my type.

Hell the dudes in True Blood are hotter than the girls in Lost. :wink: Except Sun, and that one Mercenary chick, they are both smokin.

I think Battlestar Galactica would probably be second place for me. I’ll take a Tricia/Lucy sandwich please. :wink: It has the added bonus of also having Michelle Forbes get it on with Tricia Helfer.


Buffy. Especially if you can pick and choose seasons. Season 1 Buffy was hawt, back when she still had some meat on her. Add latter-seasons Willow, Cordy, Anya, Faith, Harmony and it just gets better. For those otherly inclined, nothing matches Giles, Xander in a Speedo, Angel all broody and Spike any time. Hands-down the winner.

Throw Jenny Calendar, Tara and Kendra the Vampire Slayer in there too. They were all exceedingly pleasant to look at.

The female cast of Galactica certainly appeals to a wide variety of tastes. Myself, I’m more partial to Callie or Sharon (Nikki Clyne and Grace Park). But even the middle-aged schoolteacher-turned-President (Mary McDonnell) is pretty nice, for her age.

NCIS has an attractive person for every taste.

I though Rome had the best male hottie cast- even Caesar was good looking (especially if you remembered him as Captain Wentworth). James Purefoy alone…smokin’ hot!! Titus Pullo & Vorenus had their moments, Niobe & Eirene were beautiful as was that horrible bitch that killed Pullo’s wife.

Torchwood is right up there, too. I’d bone any of the main characters.

Yeah, I really liked Caesar’s Mistress, and his Atia as well. Octavia was smoking too.

Gotta go with House. With the exception, IMO, of Taub and Chase, pretty much all of the main characters are smokin’ hot.

I came in to post this show.

Concur. I’ll take a season-one-Buff, a pre-vagitarian Willow, and an Anya of any mortal vintage. If it weren’t for the neckless wonder, I’d say that show was batting 1.000.

I mean, how do you even become a vampire without a neck?

Yup. It’s almost comical.

Dollhouse has a lot of hotties–it’s actually part of the show’s premise. But even many of the non-Doll characters are hot (Amy Acker, Olivia Williams) and there are rumors that Summer Glau might have a part on the show next season.

Agree, for the most part, with Stauderhorse on House - 'cept for Chase, who I think is very good looking. Even the least attractive members of the cast (Tuab and Kutner) aren’t bad looking.

Reading this thread I can’t say that any of these shows tops True Blood for me.

Good call. Mmmm, naked Antony!

Yeah, on reflection I’d have to agree. I was watching G4’s coverage of Comic Con and they had a brief interview with the actors who play Eric and Jessica:

They mentioned that Alexander Skarsgård (Eric) has been voted sexiest man in Sweden something like five times.

And Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica) looked even more beautiful “live” than she does on the show. She is damn gorgeous!
(Looking at her IMDB page, I knew I’d seen her somewhere before True Blood. She was the Camdenite (religious sect) girl from My Name Is Earl!)

I also have the hots for Daphne (waitress), Sarah (preacher’s wife), MaryAnn (Michelle Forbes keeps gettting sexier with age), and Sookie (love the tooth gap). And I wouldn’t kick Tara out of bed. Plus they killed off two or three hotties in season 1.

How about Firefly? I can’t speak for the male cast members but Morena Baccarin, Summer Glau, Jewel Staite, and Gina Torres - that’s a hot-looking group of women.