House 10/4 (Yes, Wednesday)

For reasons I can’t fathom, FOX has moved House MD to Wednesday, at least for this week. I’ve checked and rechecked, and that’s what’s in the tv schedule. I’m hoping they’ll move it back to Tuesdays at some point. I’m just so used to watching it after Idol.
Anyhow, check in here and we’ll bump this thread for tomorrow night’s discussion.

It appears that they did it because of baseball. Because I can’t stand watching baseball, I’ll go along with not fathoming why they did it either. :wink:

It’s a repeat of one of last season’s episodes, and is on Wednesday because of baseball.

The upside being that I’m able to watch Friday Night Lights for the next couple weeks. My DVR is going to start smoking this Fall I think.

Ah. Good catch. That’s what I get for not reading the schedule text closely. Whoever wrote it marked it with an “N”, too, meaning it’s “new.” Except it’s not.


New episodes of House will be back after the World Series is over…Oct 31st.

It’ll be a long month!!

Yeah, my household made that switch last night as well. After the world series, it’s going to be difficult. Friday Night Lights was better than I thought it would be.

Stupid sports…they have all those espn channels and the myriad of other sports related ones they can broadcast on but instead they bump House to another night. Humph.