House 4/13: Saviors

An environmental activist collapses during a protest.

Also, I believe we’ll be seeing more fallout from the departure of Kuttner.

Man, no takers yet… Hmmm.

This episode was nice for me in watching…had a background dialogue of Crunchy granola activism, but then the good House emotional angst between the staff after the Big Ass Cutner exit. I’m still a one year newbie with the show, but have caught up.

Mainly, I loooove the writing on the show. Juxtaposing a hardass idealist case against House, when he is failing a good bit, and doesn’t seem to care about the patient at all, until , oh hell, what’s his name , something Leonard (bad TV watcher here), gets House to the point where he is obsessed with his diet change, and then the riddle is solved, due to a mind break of caring.

The sweet engagement at the end was good, too, kinda sad right there in the locker room, not the planned getaway, but, after last weeks heartbreak (yet, go on Kal Penn!), sweet to see that tentative connection. I love the complex emotions and decisions of this show, especially House. Remember watching it for the first time, and thinking , LOUDLY,“Why would anyone watch an asshole like that???”

Now, I learned the nuance, and , not much a TV watcher, but can’t wait for this one.

House and Wilson were more interesting for me than the other subplots.

“You manipulative bitch.” :smiley:

I loved that House calls Wilson “manipulative bitch”, and at the close of the episode

we see cutthroat bitch again.

I liked this episode, and thought it was very well done. What really strikes me is how talented Hugh Larie is. Great piano player, guitar, and now harmonica? At least he appears to be actually playing. If not he does a great job faking it.

It’s definitely him. Look on YouTube for “hugh laurie piano”.

I like how the subplot of Wilson eating healthy sort of tied in with the whole environmentalism thing. Definitely a show for the granola crowd.

The next episode looks great, with House’s hallucinations.

Not only does Laurie act and play all those musical instruments, but he is also a published fiction writer. I mean, how much artistic talent can one good looking English bloke have?

House and Wilson is always the best part of the show. Sometimes the writers forget this. I *loved *Wilson’s apartment.

And they said the next show is “two weeks from tonight.”:frowning:

Overall really liked the episode, though I wish Chase had stuck to his guns and at least let Cameron sweat for a week or two.

Why would Wilson be eating bacon???

Chase took Cameron back way too quickly. That was pretty contrived.

He was about to propose to her, so it’s not like he stopped loving her. He only broke up with her because the relationship can’t work if she keeps avoiding him. Once she got over that, his problem was solved, so now he can take her back.

Wilson is not a particularly observant Jew. There has not been much made of his religion, except for House to have something to tease him about. Cuddy is also Jewish, and has a menorah in her house; House has given her grief about being on J-Date (no evidence this is true).

Contrived? Wow. I don’t think so at all. After all, you’re talking about someone he loved enough to propose to her. I’d hope he wouldn’t take that much of a hard line.

Why wouldn’t he? He doesn’t seem to keep kosher. Most American Jews don’t, in fact. (I think the percentage is like 20%. Here’s a cite of up to 30% from JewFAQ, and another from that claims 15 - 20%.)

Following some of the traditions (lighting a menorah, sitting shivah) doesn’t mean we gotta follow the stricter ones (refusing to obey the awesome seductive power of bacon).

I knew someone was running a game on House to give him a puzzle to solve and help him get pass Kutner. I just thought it was Cameron not Wilson. Cameron/Morrison is far and away a better character/actress than 13. She justs needs to convert to an adult hair and wardrobe style. (Although I know someone who dressed like that well into her late 30s. So it happens.)

“Georgia On My Mind”? I guess there is no “CB On My Mind”.

Speaking of which, don’t the writers of “House” watch “Grey’s Anatomy”?

What was contrived was that he broke up with her over what amounted to a miscommunication. That was pure trumped up TV melodrama. I just don’t buy that he was about to propose to her, but dumped her instead because she wouldn’t do what he wanted. Even Chase isn’t that petulant.

Is House really going to be hallucinating Amber? Didn’t we just do this to spectacularly bad effect on Grey’s Anatomy?

I dunno, I can see how breaking up with her made sense. If he was about to propose to her, and then gets this new information that she might be in love with House, I can see breaking up with her. I mean, at the very least, she’s in a completely different place in their relationship than he is, which can be pretty jarring. It also explains why he took her back right away.

He’s been flogging that horse about her loving House for YEARS now. When is he just going to get over it already? If I were her, and he broke up with me on some lame, jealous suspicion about House, I’d be much angrier at his insecure mistrust than she was, and I would have serious doubts about the relationship. It’s not attractive to behave that way towards someone you claim to want to marry. Really, he still thinks she’s in love with House? But has been sleeping with him all these years as a consolation prize? Yuck.

Bacon tastes gooood.

the interaction with Cuddy pretty much confirms that EVERYODY was wondering if she was truly over House. I’m sure it was in the back of Chase’s mind even as he planned the proposal, and so this latest hint that it was true (two non-answers, I can extrapolate from there) pushed him over the edge.

Even if she wasn’t in love with House, he had reason to fear that her need to save House would make their relationship impossible.

For Chase, finding out that her problem was actually about HIM was all he needed to know.

I also think that Cameron would have known that House would figure out her problem, (or force it out of her) and help her set it straight; that’s why she wanted to be close to him at that time. Chase realized that she was just using House as her emotional scalpel.