House 4/13: Saviors

Cameron? What’s wrong with her hair and wardrobe?

What’s the current state of the real actors’ relationship? Jennifer Morrison and, what’s-his-name, were a real item behind the scenes after season one I think. Even were engaged. I read that she broke off the engagement but they were still seeing each other.

Normally I don’t concern myself with such tabloid matters, but when it was looking like the characters were going to end it I thought that might be following reality. Anyone know?

Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spenser broke off their engagement in August 2007. Spenser is now dating someone else:

Next episode features The Bachelor Party. I wonder if that marriage (on the show) is really going to take place. I feel like Cameron is going to back out. (and I just have to put in here that I think Jesse Spencer is the most beautiful human being on TV and since he’s in a surgical mask on House most of the time - well, that’s a damn waste!)

Why do people think he broke up with her because he thought she was still in love with House? I thought it was pretty clear that it’s because she walled herself off, refused to communicate and let him know what was going on. She always does that and is always afraid to just talk to the people that need to know what’s going on.