House 11/30: Wilson

A Wilson-centric episode? I am so, so there.

Wait, in the beginning, what did Wilson call House when he was snuggling back into bed?

Wait, House tells Wilson he won’t attend his surgery because, “If you die, I’m alone.” So this implies that House believes his presence at the surgery will cause Wilson to die?

Can someone explain to me the side story of the real estate agent, and how Wilson is getting back at someone?

Loved this!

Wilson is getting back at Cuddy for hurting House by buying the loft out from under her. The real estate agent is his ex-wife.

Wait… that was considered A LOFT? Holy Smokes! I thought a loft was, by definition, SMALL.

Things I’ve Learned From Watching TV: A really GOOD doctor will give up part of his/her liver for you. (Meredith did it for her awful alky dad on Grey’s Anatomy).

So Wilson and House are in it together for the foreseeable future?

That was SOME gorgeous loft! (No, I don’t think they’re supposed to be small, aren’t they a huge open space that covers a whole floor? The loft in Year of the Dragon, with Mickey Rourke, in Chinatown? I would KILL to have that one.)

No - he’s basically saying that he’s afraid wilson will die and leave house all alone. He’s admitting how much Wilson means to him

I guess so. I didn’t get that either, especially after House egged him on to see that he’s a perpetual doormat.

I never realized what a doormat Wilson was before. I just thought he was sort of star-struck by House’s brilliance. But his craven obsequious cringing over his self-centered jerk friend Tucker really made him look bad. Maybe he should get a t-shirt that says “Welcome” on the back. At least he seems to be growing.

I think House refused to attend the surgery in hopes that it would dissuade Wilson from going through with it.

And yes, lofts are large, upper-level units with few walls. Very trendy in urban areas…TRM

House was trying to stop Wilson from going through with the surgery because he did not want to risk losing him.

I loved this episode. I always liked how the show is willing to write small roles for hospital staff we usually don’t see. Other shows usually don’t do that. We stay with the main cast and when they do something that obviously requires other personnel the show just does the scene without the personnel (like 24, with their White House that only has three advisers talking to the President).

It was great seeing the House team at work from an outside perspective.

Lets hope they do a Cuddy episode in the future. I loved her conversation with Wilson and her telling him that she didn’t choose him to be head of oncology because he had the most organs.

And I loved Wilson getting back at Cuddy for hurting House. He’s usually on Cuddy’s side of things. Nice to see him on House’s side in a dispute.

House, speaking of Wilson’s friend said, “Guy doesn’t even know your name. He calls you ‘Jim.’” Wilson replied, “‘Jim’ is short for ‘James.’ Now go away, Lim.”

The joke being that “Lim” is short for “Lames.’”

I thought Wilson showed real progress by moving out of his apartment. Didn’t he share it with Amber and was still living there after her death? Getting a new place showed he is finally coming to terms with her death and is able to start moving forward with his life.

I liked it, but I really was expecting him to do something even crazier than donate part of his liver. I was mildly disappointed because there was barely any conflict over his decision. He wasn’t even doing it behind Cuddy’s back! I guess House has set the bar too high for ‘‘shocking actions.’’ Donating part of a liver with the reluctant approval of you colleagues barely counts.

I liked that his friend was an asshole, though. Classic House.

The best episode of the season so far for me. What was hilarious was that we got to see a classic House episode from Wilson’s perspective, just barely catching the team working on exotic cases and using unconventional treatments. This was especially apparent when House came into the patient’s room with dripping clothes, saying something about using a shower to test the patient’s autonomic reflexes or something.

So are all of Wilson’s friends assholes?

Best line (Always on the lookout for Monty Python or Blackadder references):

Wilson: I’m not looking for an argument!
House: Right, that’s in 12A!

I’m not so sure about the notion that Cuddy is hurting House. Cuddy is living her life as she sees fit. She’s not deliberately doing a hurtful thing to House by dating someone else. And House hasn’t changed enough to be considered, by any sane person, as possible boyfriend material. For Wilson to say that Cuddy is being hurtful to him is supportive in a ‘good buddy’ sort of way, but not especially accurate. I’m not sure House would have accepted this comment at face value, particularly when you consider how analytical House is of every word and action by everyone around him.

Yeah - this was a fantastic out-of-the-box episode.

Taub: “We can’t stop the…oozing.”

And . . . your wish is granted!

(You’re welcome.)

This cracked me up too. I laughed out loud when House’s team comes wizzing by in the background giving CPR to the man on the gurney.

Did anyone catch House’s reference to the “Pigeon sisters”? I knew I’d heard it before and it drove me crazy until I googled it. It’s from an old episode of The Odd Couple, when Oscar set him and Felix up with two fun loving sisters for a night of wild fun. Before the evening was out, Felix had both of the sisters crying and commiserating with him about his divorce.