House 4/25

I really liked this episode. I was kind of worried they were going write in some kind unexplainable mystery somewhere or have House searching his soul or something (I feared a final image of House kneeling in the chapel) but they didn’t. They gave us a natural explanation (and House a putative victory in his battle with God) but it was a flukey enough set of circumstances to allow it to be read as “miraculous” if one so chooses. Still, it was kind of cool to see a “skeptic” be vindicated on network television. The cliche always used to be that atheists always turned out to be “angry at God” for some past tragedy.

House had a couple of really good lines:

“Why are people ‘proud’ to believe in something without any evidence? Like that’s some kind of accomplishment.”

Also the line about how he understands that people “are filling holes…but they WANT the holes.”

I liked the scoreboard for House and God.

Great Quote: When you talk to God, it’s religious. When God talks to you, it’s psychotic.

Showed a whole new side to Wilson. Thought the whole showdown on the curb showed a lot of insight on both sides.

“God says ask Wilson to the poker game.”

There’s already a thread on today’s House here.


That really was a good one. They didn’t embarass me by being too polite to religion, but they didn’t make any stupid attacks against it either.
I was glad to see that kid put in his place. Wilson was great in this one. I liked Cameron’s remark about what Foreman said to her at the end of last week’s.

Good line at the end too. “House, you are…as God made you.”

Yes, but that was the pre-thread! This is the post-thread!

Really shocked me (though looking back, I’m not sure why it should have), when it was revealed Wilson was having sex with the terminally ill patient. A new side of Wilson. Before he was the kinda fun womanizer (as much as a womanizer can be fun), now he’s pretty creepy.

It’s why I like House. These characters have depth in 'em.

Liked how the Jesus kid knew things about everyone just from observing them (like House does). Wilson had the best quote of the night, though, when he said House couldn’t accept a God because that meant he wasn’t in control.

I also liked at the poker game that the others were wondering why Wilson ‘got a name’ and how Wilson could read House.

ARGH I went to see a friend’s play tonight and FORGOT TO TAPE HOUSE!

Me = totally sad.

At least my friend’s play was awesome…

We did have House playing “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” on the piano.