House Judiciary Committee officially requests second special counsel be appointed

… maybe in the grand tradition of having an “unbiased” council like Mueller, appoint Judge Napolitano?

OK, do keep us posted on how that goes.

GOP desperately needs a distraction after the last couple of days and “But Clinton…” is always good red meat for the faithful.

Hey, look over there!

How about Judge Wopner? Even though he’s dead he’d do as well as Napolitano.

Mueller’s an excellent driver. Excellent driver.

I get the context - The Democratic side was trying to get a “resolution of inquiry” passed to get more information on what sessions knew about the firing of Comey and the GOP using their majority turning that on them with a Clinton focused bit probably seemed clever to them.

Thing is Congressional GOP folk support Sessions and, given that he had in his confirmation hearings stated clearly that he would recuse himself from Clinton related items given his past political involvement, his ignoring the request or recusing himself from considering it, may be what gives Trump his trigger to fire Sessions.

A dumb play.