Sessions is out

Immediately after a Democratic House promises investigations.

Who is stupid enough to take his place?

Someone willing to fire Rosenstein and Mueller.

Matt Whitaker. Sessions’ Chief of Staff. That’s who.

Michael Cohen. :slight_smile:

Lindsey Graham since SC is a safe seat for the GOP and Trump probably told Nikki Haley the seat is hers if she wants it

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Trump’s administration is like a clown car with a revolving door on it.

Looks to me like Trump wrote the resignation letter.

Sessions’s interim replacement, Matthew Whitaker, wrote in 2017 that Mueller’s investigation was going too far.

Nooo, not after Cohen claimed Trump was making racist comments

It’s gonna be Lindsay Graham, mark my words.

There is always someone waiting in the wings willing to do the dirty work.

I’m reasonably certain Nikki Haley knows that Trump doesn’t get to select replacement Senators. And Graham doesn’t strike me as someone who would give up his nice little Senate gig.

trivia : Whitaker played TE for Iowa in the 1991 Rose bowl. Iowa lost 46-34 to Washington.

If Mueller is removed, Democrats in the House will definitely subpoena him and all his records publicly. Thank fuck they won the House.

Pshaw. He’s been campaigning for the job.

Totally what an innocent man does. Totally.

Trump could strongly suggest to the governor of SC that he pick Haley and if he does give him a few favors .

Classic Trump misdirection. Everyone’s talking about how he lost the house and his guy in Montana lost? Give 'em some other bulllshit to reset the news cycle!

I am assuming you think going full partisan bulldog regarding Kavanaugh is campaigning for the job? I don’t think so.

Graham previously said that firing Sessions would be “the beginning of the end of his presidency”.