Well, that didn't take long - Sessions fired

Maybe technically not fired, but definitely gone, and not by his choice.

And normally the deputy AG would step up and be the acting AG until a new nominee was decided on, but since Rosenstein is the deputy, it goes without saying that he’s not going to be the acting AG.

Can you say “banana Republic”?

Can you say “banana Republicans” who might put up a brief show of objection, but quickly shut up and fall in line behind Dear Leader?

And now, for our production of “Sessionscrantz and Rosenstein Are Dead”…

And it looks like the acting AG, Matthew Whitaker, has got a trail of statements going back to August 2017 saying that Mueller’s probe had gone too far, should be shut down, his work product not to see the light of day, etc.

ETA: And DOJ is saying the Mueller probe falls under Whitaker’s purview. No recusal for him!

My wife told me last night after Kobach lost, “Now Trump will fire Sessions and nominate Kobach for AG.” Well, she was half right! (So far…)

Reminds me of when Ashcroft lost to the dead guy in MO and we thought we’d seen the last of him, only to be tapped as AG by Dubya…

I wonder what Jeff Sessions knows and might be encouraged to tell us about…

You are like to be completely right. Kobach is already being strongly rumored to be the next AG nominee.

If Whitaker does shut down the Mueller investigation, I recommend immediate rioting, with possible lynching of Republicans from streetlamps.

Yeah, I wouldn’t bet against her being right for the other half.

And in the “who do you most want to see lose?” thread, Kobach was my top pick, edging out Scott Walker. I’m gonna be pissed if he fails upward.

I doubt anything. He’ll be grateful for the two years he got to crack down on immigrants and stuff, and keep his mouth shut like the loyal retainer he is, even after all the abuse Trump’s hurled his way.

12:13 PM – 7 Nov 2018 Sessions, one of Trump’s earliest supporters, was called by Kelly, not the President this morning – @LauraAJarrett reports

Also, it is being reported that Sessions asked to wrap things up and leave Friday. Kelly said no.

Here’s what you all need to know:

The price of fixing democracy is going to be higher now. A few years ago, you could fix this shit with voting. Now? Some people might have to go to jail to defend democracy. That’s the price of speaking truth to power, and that’s what happens when a society becomes less democratic.

One of the reasons I’m not Sessions is that I’d have told Kelly he can’t fire me - he’s not my boss, and unless my boss, the President, communicates to me that Kelly’s now my boss and can fire me, well, he can just go suck it.

So, if Whitaker shuts down or interferes with Mueller, what happens? The House or some department starts an obstruction of justice probe?


The House starts a probe, and then…what?

People, please, stop fucking deluding yourselves. The chance to deal with this shit was last night at the polls. We didn’t deal with it. These are the consequences.

Time to sober up.

So…tell my local police force that I want to go to jail “to defend Democracy”? I don’t think they’ll put me in jail for that.

WTF? Sessions was happy to have the opportunity to be able to separate immigrant kids from their parents. I’m sure that racist (too racist for the Republicans to let him be a judge!) was just ecstatic to have that opportunity. I’m sure he’ll go home and fantasize about all the kids still separated with no real records of who their parents are. I doubt that racist will have anything negative to say about the current administration.

Well, Nixon expected that, and it did not work as he expected.

Then they hire Robert Mueller to prepare a report on his findings and to continue with his investigations. They also start pursuing all the various subpoenas and contempt charges that Devin Nunes tried to bury. Then they incorporate the information from Donald’s taxes via the House Ways & Means committee. Then they spend the next two years broadcasting this stuff on national television, while stuffing up Donald’s budgets and other legislation.

… you know we won the House last night, right? It’s a good outcome. It will have real consequences (speaking of). I don’t think you understand the American system of government if you think controlling the House is pointless.

Dealing with this shit is going to take years but real progress has been made.

Who benefits by having hysterics because we can’t solve all our troubles in one single night? I ask because the answer would not seem to be, “Democratic Americans doing the difficult work of actually dealing with our shit.”

Yep. We knew it. Sessions is gone for recusing himself (for doing the right thing) and Rosenstein is next. Obstruction. AGAIN. To get rid of Meuller and stop the Russia investigation.

Christ. What the fuck will it take before someone finally says “enough of this shit”?

Aye; I can’t really argue with this.

One thing I won’t miss is Session’s stance on marijuana.