House of Lies.

Anybody watch this show on Showtime?

It stars Don Cheadle playing a successful but morally flexible management consultant.

The show is into it’s 5th season so I’ve just finished binge watching up to the first episode of this season.

I love this show. It’s so over the top that that’s probably what I love most about it.

Don’s great in it by I also really love the characters of his ex-wife (the sociopath) and his son.

Anyway, “House of Lies” on Showtime. You should watch it.

I, too, loved the first season.

But by the fourth season I was severely disenchanted. The show had seemed to become about nothing but getting Cheadle’s character and Kristen Bell’s character naked in bed–and worst of all, not because of any particularly interesting features of their personalities, but instead just for the shock value of their skin colors. It all seemed rather cynical and dull and predictable.

I wached it some. For those who are curious: it’s almost like a con caper per week show, but the cons are all (mostly) legal because they are conning business people to utilize their management services, plus some high stakes corporate politics.

It was fun for a couple season binge but I got a little tired of the format. Might go back to it after giving it a rest.

Bell, or her character (can’t seem to figure out which), consistently let’s the show down for me. She’s the one low spot in the show for me. In all fairness, Marty (Don) pretty much sleeps with every woman and most of them are white, so I don’t agree with your premise of the “shock values of their skin colors”. The best female character by far is Marty’s ex wife (also white) who Marty sleeps with far more than with Jeannie (Kristen).