House of Sand and Fog - looking for spoilers

Although this movie intrigues me I know I won’t be able to see it.
And even if I could, the story seems like a real downer; not exactly the escapist fare I prefer.

But I’m dying to know the ending, and events leading to the conclusion.

So please, spoil away!

Every time I see that thread title I keep misreading it as "House of Sand and Frog - looking for spoilers "

Lobsang - I take it that this move is not yet out in the UK?

I have not heard of it. I will google it though, now that I am curious.

The ending is depressing but the movie is really good; I recommend it.

I assume you know the basic story. Briefly:

Lady loses house because she didn’t pay taxes.
Man buys house form county.
Turns out, lady didn’t really owe the taxes they claimed she did but it is too late since the guy bought the house.
He won’t sell it back to her.

Anyways, after a bunch of stuff, she goes to the house and brings a gun. You think she is going to kill him but she is about to commit suicide in the driveway. He hears her crying outside and rescues her just in time (gun is in mouth).

They take her in to the bathroom to take a bath but she takes the wife’s pills when she is alone in the bathtub. The wife finds her and saves her.

She is recovering in bed when her policeman boyfriend comes to the house and locks the family (husband, wife, son) up because he thinks they tried to kill her.

The dad talks to the police guy and they strike a deal that would give the policeman and the lady money. jennifer Connelly just wants to put it all behind them but he wants the money.

So, the policeman, Ben Kingsley and Ben’s son are going to the courthouse to do the paperwork to sell the house (something like that). The son grabs the policeman’s gun and points it at him but there are other officers there. The son ends up getting shot and dies. The policeman ends up in prison (I assumed they were both in on the deal but whatever).

Anyways, Jennifer Connelly is out frolicing and looking beautiful on some pier when Ben Kingsley comes back to his wife. He took her pills to her but i don’t know if she agreed to take them all or he fed them but it was peaceful. Then he dresses up in his military uniform (he was an officer in Iran) and kills himself and lies down next to his dead wife in the bed.

Jen Connelly comes in and freaks out.

Obviously, my synopsis sucks and doesn’t do it justice but that is the gist of it.

I read the book and really enjoyed it…couldn’t put it down actually…But I don’t want to see the movie…The book ending was such a downer, I don’t want to relive it. I guess I’m kind of conflicted.