"House Republicans Vote to Gut Independent Ethics Office"

Well obviously since Trump has vowed to “drain the swamp” there is no need for such duplication, right?

With No Warning, House Republicans Vote to Gut Independent Ethics Office

I hope the smart people around the SDMB can help me figure out the significance of this.

It’s a long-ish article.

Interesting that Ryan and McCarthy were against it, but the House Republicans passed it anyway. Makes you wonder who’s in charge over there.

Oh those guys want you to think they’re saying “Don’t! Stop!” But really, they’re saying “Don’t stop!”

Agreed. And I’m sure The Spineless Turtle was cheering them on.

And they’re just getting started PastTense.

Tweet from Matt Viser of the Boston Globe [@mviser]

Though I suppose it couldn’t be done any other way very easily, I find it weird that an ethics committee is so dependent on the very group it’s supposed to be watching.

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…I said this in one of the pit threads shortly after the election was over.

I’m going to say it again in caps.


In one flick of a pen the Independent Ethics Office is gone.

If you were wondering why “Opposite People” have been selected by Trump to be in his Cabinet: well this is why. Their job isn’t to run their various departments. Their job is to gut them and then turn them into something else.

Shock and awe. Blitzkrieg. The changes are going to happen so quickly that people are not going to notice. We don’t have a “24 hour news cycle” any more. We have “personally curated propaganda”. Trump and his team have figured this out. The rest of the world better catch up: and quickly.

This is Face’s complete lack of surprise. Get used to things like this on a near-daily basis.

Yup. The Republicans have been champing at the bit & will not waste this opportunity:

Obamacare is only the first victim. (There may be some difficulties with replacing it.) But they’ll also try to gut LBJ’s Great Society. (And Civil Rights? The Supremes already damaged Voting Rights.) Ever-loathsome Ted Cruz has gone farther back–he wants to undo FDR’s New Deal policies.

The feeding frenzy will be ugly. Crippling the Ethics Office will make things look neater.

Could they, if they took a mind to, repeal the 14th amendment?

(Asks the Non American!)

Probably not. The only way to overturn a constitutional amendment is to pass a new amendment, and they would need the approval of 3/4 of the state legislatures to do that. Republicans control a large majority of state legislatures, but not 3/4 of them.

Do you have a better link than the Daily Mail of the US left?

Anyway, will the Democrats be voting against it? This seems very much like what happened over here in the UK. Anti-corruption measures were watered down with the tacit agreement of all sides.

More ability to Rat each other out ,I like it … (See William “The Freezer” Jefferson & Randy "Duke " Cunningham …

So they won’t.

There won’t be a replacement. The difficulty in replacing it is part of the plan.

More than that. First, it needs 2/3 of the Senate and House to vote in favor. Unless we were to go the route of a full Constitutional Convention (not going to happen).

Post #2 links to the Washington Post, or is that too left for you? This headline is in all the major media outlets today, so look around. It’s not fake news, if that’s what you’re worried about.

Now Paul Ryan apparently supports the move, and Trump opposes it. You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s all coordinated. It’s good cop/bad cop.