Household Income [Private Poll)

Mods, feel free to shut me down since the other thread’s still there, but I’m curious about all the folks that refuse to vote in a public poll.

EDIT: Geez, I posted too early and it doesn’t look like I can add a poll from the ‘Edit’ option. It would have said:

Under 10,000

If it’s not possible for a moderator to add that, could you just delete the thread? Sorry for the bother.

You can add a poll to your thread at any time.

Click on thread tools.

Thanks very much! I never would have found that. :smack:

It’s a hell of a lot less than when we were both working, along the lines of 70K/yr instead of 250K. But we are no longer saving for retirement or paying off a mortgage, etc, so it’s more than ample. In three years of retirement, we haven’t touched retirement savings.

I retired a year ago, so my personal income dropped a lot. But due to my pension, our household income isn’t halved, thank goodness. We’ll see what happens when my spousal unit decides he’s had enough…

I know this poll is private, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m the one person who has so far confessed to earning a million plus.

But I’d trade it all for just a little more.

Gross, or adjusted gross?

I voted but its misleading. I put down my gross income. I did not take into account my not yet finalized alimony and child support payments. So what I make on paper looks pretty good. What goes into my bank account looks pretty shitty.

I’m more interested in knowing individual income - I have no idea if the $200k - $250k is one rich person or a couple with really nice, but not totally out of this world incomes.

Oh wow you just brightened my day considerably. I was reading this as though it were people individual incomes!

I put down our household income, as the poll indicated. Not my own individual income, which would be considerably less. I guess we fall into the category of “a couple with really nice, but not totally out ofthis world incomes.”