Income Level of Dopers [Public Poll]

How rich on average are Dopers? Are there any millionaires here?

While I have no idea how much my parents have in income, they aren’t doing particularly well financially and quite frankly struggling. My poll vote reflects an educated guess. I’m using household income here.

I make less than $5k per year. Then again, I’m a full time college student and I work at a vet clinic during the summer and I’ll start work study this coming school year.
However, you asked about household so I think I answered wrong. My boyfriend makes much more than I do (about 14x more than I do).

Out of curiosity, why did you make this a public poll?

Sorry, its an almost automatic habit. :frowning:

Including child support? With my new teaching contract, about $56k. My ex supports my teaching habit. :smiley: A pretty nice feeling since I was desperately broke and considering moonlighting not too long ago.

I hate it, though. My new beau makes six figures as an attorney and I sometimes feel embarrassed. (Although last night when we got back from a date he pulled out his wallet and wasn’t sure how much to give the sitter and totally overpaid! I wasn’t in the room at the time. She was stoked.)

I grew up desperately poor and I’m just barely in the clear now.

Sorry… you didn’t include my range…

None of your freaking business!

At the moment, I’m unemployed, so my yearly income is not much. But my mother passed away last year, and the inheritance from that would last me 7 years or so even if I don’t find a job.

??? Uh, you don’t see it up there? It’s the top option, left-hand side of the screen.

Qin, think before you make a public poll. People consider some things to be private. You’ve made this mistake before.

Counterpoint: who cares? It’s just your salary, tied to a handle that may or may not be associated with you in real life.

Completely aside from the fact that there are some of us who, as an ethical position, think more public salary information benefits everyone. :slight_smile:

I don’t. But some people would. And if they join a public poll without realizing it on this subject they might be a little pissed. The other end of it is jabs between posters based on their income level. I don’t understand the grudges people have on this board. If you have a real life personal relationship with another Doper I could see it, but I don’t know how you can stay mad at someone you’ve never met, and only know based on message board posts.


I won’t answer this on a pubic poll. If it were private, I might.

I guess it is kind of like if I was asked that in real life… face to face. I suppose I could just turn and walk away, or I could let them know how rude of a question it was.

Could be cultural… I know in some it is very normal. To me it is extremely rude.

I don’t think income necessarily will tell you how rich people are or how much money they have. We are right at the median income for our area. We are not rich by any stretch of the imagination. Yet, I imagine if anyone cared to look at the public poll and see how much our household income is, they might think we had a lot of money. If you looked at our house and our cars, you would know we are middle class.

Yes, that’s how it is for us too. We are middle class here.

I see no reason to answer this question in a public poll.

I’m on disability (SSDI & SSI), my total cash benefit for this year will be $10,488. Of course Medi & Medi cover most of my health care cost.

I’m not answering this on a public poll, either. If it were priviate I would.

We’re doing pretty well, but our income would seem higher than even how well we’re doing. Last I looked we lived in the fourth most expensive city in the world.

Won’t respond. Public poll.