Houston, Anyone????

OK, so here I am in Houston. At a hotel right outside the airport. We had no internet connection until about 20 seconds ago. My evening schedule is pretty open.

Anyone up for drinks or dinner either tomorrow or Friday?


As we are still setting up computers it may take me a while to get back to this thread, but get back to it I will, I promise. I don’t have e-mail access, so plans (if we make any) will have to be made in this thread.

So, a show of hands, please??!!

Hi Jane! Thursday or Friday works for me. Which airport?

Hello Jane Thursday I can probably meet for drinks after dinner. Friday, if I don’t go to Fort Worth (haven’t decided yet) would be good as well.

I will 'bump" this because I know there are several Houston Dopers out there even if I am Colorado Springs.

Hope you all can connect.

Thanks techbabe ;).

I am at George Bush Intercontinental.

I would say some place close would be nice, but honestly, all I can see from the hotel are runways, rental car places and a Taco Hell, so, close is not a necessity. I will probably rent a car today, and with a good set of directions, could be pretty much anywhere after about 7:00 pm.

Since I know very little about Houston and what is around, I will leave all the details to you Houstonites, if ya don’t mind!!!

I’m not going to get much chance to think about this until 5:30, but I don’t want it to disappear.

OK, I’ll be checking back in a little bit (about 6 ish) to see if I’m gonna be heading into Houston tonight or if its just gonna be another night of crappy drinks in the crappy hotel bar.

I can’t make it tonight—y’all have fun! Welcome to Houston, Jane.

Let’s shoot for tomorrow night - I’ll be able to give it a little more thought. Right now I’m not sure I could direct you into Houston. Unless, of course, you’re willing to try this:

Wait - I’m typing, but I’m posting now so you’ll know I’m on the case.

Whaddya think about this?
Come south on I-45 until you come to the I-10 exit (~10 mi.?) and take I-10 west until you come to the N. Shepherd/Ella Blvd. exit. Shepherd is one way northbound and Ella is one way southbound. Take Ella south until it merges into Shepherd just before you go over Memorial (couple of miles). Stay southbound on Shepherd for about eight lights (the last three, in order, are Westheimer, W. Alabama and Richmond). After you pass Richmond, Shepherd makes an S curve to the right. Take a right at the first street (Portsmouth) and go one block. To you’re right, on the corner, will be the Stag’s Head, a pub. Their phone number is (713) 533-1199. All together probably about 20+/- miles from where you are.

OK, tonight or tomorrow? As ya know, either works for me. What time?

Jane, if you’d like, I’ll meet you there tonight. I’m on the board in stealth mode - I’ll be checking this every few minutes. say 7:30 or 8:00?

OK, sounds good. Can I have a street address, please. It looks like I’ll be cabbing tonight (no car til tomorrow - damn!!)

It’ll probably be closer to 8 for me.

Street address is 2128 Portsmouth (between Shepherd and Greenbriar). See you about 8!

Heh, about as real-time as this board gets.

Thanks, guy! I will see you then!

And Zap_Rowsdower and road_rash showed up as well. A nice, homestyle little HouDope pub meltdown was had by all.

Yeah! Thanks again guys. I can’t tell ya how nice it was to be out of the hotel, eating real food, having a good drink and some amazing conversations. I’m just very glad I left before we got to my incarceration stories!! :o

Zap_Rowsdower and road_rash it was really great meeting you.

Zap have fun this weekend sailing!

Ringo, good to see you again, and thanks for keeping this thread alive.

road_rash you didn’t post at all to the thread, but you came out for drinks, man, if that doesn’t define trooper, I don’t know what does.

Hope to see all of you again soon!!

Well, darn! I was sick and out yesterday or I’d have been there as well. Sorry I missed you guys.