Houston Dopers and Merchant Mariners - Need Help Getting MMD

Trying to get my Initial Issue Merchant Mariner Document and need to schedule the physicals. My STCW Basic Safety Training instructor told me if I want to be sure my physical is done properl,y then I need a physician who has done a MMD physical before. Unfortuneatley, he got his before he moved to Houston and couldn’t give me any names or clinics to try.

Any Dopers from the area who can point me in the right direction?

From this link, the Kelsey-Seybold Clinics claim to be certified to provide Merchant Mariner Physicals. Here’s a pdf of them bragging about it, along with contact info of the guy who specializes in this. There are quite a few of their clinicis in the Houston area.

Good Luck.

Thanks, I appreciate that. I guess I should have thought that a clinic or chain would advertise that, I was hung up on finding an individual.

Thanks, Gray Ghost.

Just like the title says you can go to any Doctor or drug store clinic to get your Merchant Mariner physical.

You will notice that Section III of page one says you do not have to complete a physical but must have the ability to perform those tasks.

So just tell the person administering your physical that they only have to certify you are capable of doing those tasks.

Watch this video I made on how to properly fill it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-FNXqw2nSE

Captain Viktor

I’d bet Concentra does it as well; they’re the nation’s largest occupational health clinic chain.

I understand that it can be done by any physician, I was just following through on helpful advice that it would better if I have one done by someone who’s done it before. Case in point, you provided a video on how to not screw it up(which I will watch once I’m no longer at work).