How a simple little facelift cost this poor woman her life....

Apparently having a facelift is more risky than we ever could have imagined.

I mean, what are the odds? That you’d encounter a woman scorned from your deep dark past? That she’d be in a position to harm you, no lest kill you? That she’d be harboring hatred for thirty freakin’ years over a love torn asunder?

I swear. Next to stories like this, soap operas are a walk in the park.


What a murderous bitch.

Oddly, all the time people ask Steven King ‘So where do you get your ideas?’

Odds of this showing up as a Law and Order plot within the next 12 months: 137%.

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How great, though, that there’s a plastic surgeon out there named Dr. Tucker.

It must be a father-son practice, so he could work with the little nipper. :wink:

Get it, huh huh? Nipper/Tucker?

Huh. I’ve disliked a former girlfriend from high school for about thirty years now for the same thing - she was in the habit of flirting with my boyfriends. This article makes me feel guilty for harboring that grudge.

It all depends on how you need to act upon those feelings…

Amusing- all of the Google ads are for plastic surgery. :smiley: