How aberrant would it be to make combo tuna-egg salad?

I kinda want a nice, cool egg salad sandwich. I was kinda also thinking about a nice cool tuna salad sandwich.

Should I be scourged were I to combine the two, and make tuna-egg salad?

I used to buy this from a local shop - excellent - the key was the wasabi in the mayo. Although perhaps the tuna and egg were in 2 separate layers - but I see no reason you couldn’t combine the two.

Hmm, wasabi in the mayo. That sounds kinda fun!

I often combine the two. I had no idea it wasn’t allowed.

And I, as well as apples, onions, sweet pickles and pecans.

Tuna and egg is a good combination. I love it on pizza. I could be in a minority of one on this one, though.

Yeah, I’ve had that, and I liked it.

Sweet pickles?? You alien freak.

I was thinking of adding capers. But now with the wasabi idea, it might clash.

I often use a hard boiled egg in my tuna salad, as well as a bit of onion, dill pickle, and maybe some celery. Mmmm! It’s also good with pickled jalepeno or pepperocinis. Sometimes I make tuna salad with sweet pickle relish, for those I know who like it that way. It isn’t my preferred flavor though.

My mother frequently made tuna and egg salad. I do the same sometimes.

Adding, try a bit of lemon pepper in tuna salad with hard boiled eggs, dill pickle, a bit of finely chopped onion, and celery salt. It’s good.

Sounds good. I don’t have the dill pickle which is why I was thinking capers. I do have fresh dill growing outside though. Onion, celery, celery seed, - got that.

Celery salt? What is with you barbarians and mixing salt with your favorite herbs and making it into like, a salt?

How about the trifecta of tuna, potato, and egg salad together? If it’s good enough for Bon Appétit, it’s good enough for me. And Gourmet chimes in with Tuna Sandwiches Provençal.

Wow. The two foodstuffs in the entire world most likely to make me hurl just by thinking about them…together. :eek:

I too have put sweet pickles and onions in tuna salad. Who knew I was such a reble?

The question for me was can you make it without the boiled eggs. My mother always made tuna salad with boiled eggs in it. I hate boiled eggs, and so for years, I hated tuna salad, until one day I had a conversation with someone and they told me that boiled eggs go in egg salad, but not usually in tuna salad and restaurants served tuna salad without boiled eggs. I asked mom and she said that tuna salad was better with eggs and too expensive without them. and it went further when she put the eggs in (yes, because I picked at my single half sandwich and went hungry because there was nothing else for lunch). I felt slightly guilty the first few times I made it without eggs, but damn it tasted good!

If you like eggs in it, go for it, but please warn the innocent by calling it tuna-egg salad.

Good Gad, they use the…the oil!

My mom did the same thing. Tuna salad had eggs in it, chicken salad had eggs in it, ham salad had eggs in it, even the stuff she made sometimes with ends of assorted lunchmeat bought from the supermarket deli and called “sandwich spread” had eggs in it… Mind you, that’s the only way I like boiled eggs, so I didn’t mind, but I was surprised to discover that this was not a requirement.

I often combine the two.
A little fresh dill is good.

In my book, good tuna in oil is far better than spring water tuna. We had a discussion on this here recently, but I’m too lazy to look it up now.