How about a "Parenting and Kid Stuff" forum?

Differences of opinion are tolerated – and even encouraged – here at the Straight Dope.

Entering a discussion of a subject merely to be ugly is not.

This is a formal Warning.

Before the thread is closed, I’d like to say that I think a separate board for all the kiddie/parent talk is a good idea. The danger of following that path is that the board could end up fractured into a 100 sub-forums, which is what happens in some places. Those boards are a nightmare to negotiate.

I’m of the general opinion that multiplying the number of forums is a Bad Thing.

As the number of sub-forums increases, their traffic drops, which means that there’s less reason for the casual reader to check them.

For example, I rarely look in the Elections forum because updates there are so infrequent it’s not worth the click. But I check most of the other forums several times a day.

If a topic isn’t popular enough to spawn dozens of new posts every day, it’s not worth its own forum.

I want to sincerely apologize for my out of place comments in this thread. It is no excuse, but I had been having a very bad day with several important matters being decided against me, which will lead to a good deal of hardship. I was not a happy camper. In retrospect, I can see that I was more or less randomly lashing out when I posted in this thread.

On top of that, here is a friendly reminder: DO NOT POST WHEN DRUNK! It can lead one to posting things that one may regret later, just as I now regret what I wrote in this thread.

I enjoy children a great deal, but I’m not sure I would make a good parent (you’re probably thinking “You are correct, sir!” :wink: ) so I choose not to have kids of my own. But I do understand and respect Doper parents wanting (and sometimes needing) to discuss parenting issues, and with the collection of intelligent and resourceful folks we have here on the Board, I think the SDMB is a great place to have those discussions.

I was slapped down by the Moderator/Administrator as I should have been, and in a way, I am thankful for that. It was quite the effective wake-up call.

I am sorry for my out-of-line post, and I will endeavor to never allow it to happen again.


I admit, it was kind of awesome. I mean, I am not dreadfully fond of kids, but I understand people have to have them or the human race up and dies. That was a thing of beauty, my friend.

Don’t see a lot of apologies after a Warning.

Thank you for stepping up like this.

As for the awful happening in your life, there’s far too much of that in a lot of people’s lives these days. Hope your rough times improve, and soon.

Is anyone truly happy when camping? I think a lot of folks say they are. But I don’t believe them.

OK, I feel better now. :stuck_out_tongue:

No really, thanks for sharing that.

I love camping. Mostly because it involves a lack of cell phone reception.

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Not sure what, if anything, is proved by the list, except that there is interest, and that a Parents/Kids forum would probably have more traffic than Marketplace, Elections, and the Barn (combined).

Sure, but a quick glance also easily finds a dozen IMHO threads on Employment/Money/Finance over the past few days. This Board could probably sustain a forum devoted to these issues, and such a forum would probably also have more threads than Marketplace, Elections, and the Barn (combined). There are, no doubt, other areas where similar observations could be made.

The question (for me, anyway) is whether the new forum would solve any actual problems or limitations with the current set-up, and i really don’t think that it would.

There you go, making sense. :slight_smile: