How about a "What If" board

I always enjoyed “What if” boards especially History “What ifs” Like what if Hitler hadn’t declared war on the US.

How about getting another board like this

Why? We don’t get that many questions on the subject.

Oh, you played Command & Conquer: Red Alert, too?

Basically, the answer to your question is “such frivolity goes in MPSIMS”. A whole forum dedicated to sheer speculation, hypothesis, and conjecture goes contrary to the notion of “Fighting Ignorance”.

However, I, for one, would greatly enjoy such a forum. Mayhap you can sign up with EZBoards and create your own message board? I’d post there.

You might want to check out the newsgroup dedicated to alternate history: soc.history.what-if


I think the IMHO forum would be perfect for those.

Here’s a historical What If I would suggest:

What if Ben Franklin had never introduced the US to mustard after living in France?

Just think of the consequences: Without a decent hotdog, Baseball would never have become the national pastime.

And of course, without baseball to give us a sense of national superiority, we might have never started the war with Spain, and never picked up Puerto Rico.

And, well, … Ok, bad example :frowning:

What if the Enterprise fought a Star Destroyer?



Hey, you watch yourself, Monty! That’s a legitimate Great Debate that was inappropriately moved to IMHO!

Where would speculation about the outcome of a super-powered kung-fu outer-space smackdown between Uncle Beer and Coldfire go?


The only rivalry I can imagine between me and UncleBeer is a serious drinking contest. And maybe, just maybe, someday we will have one. :smiley:

C’mon, Coldy. You know I’ve got about 10 years more experience than you, don’t ya? This wouldn’t even be close.

Here in the Old World, we start drinkin’ a bit younger, Yankee Boy! :wink:

Can anyone give us the origin of the term “Yankee boy?” Oh, wait, I thought I was in GQ. :wink:

I think a Star Destroyer would beat both their asses. Unless the two of them are already drunk.