How about an artist for Staff Reports?

What about an artist for the staff reports? I enjoy the one that does it for Cecil. It adds to the humor. How about one for the staff reports?


How about a sort of art contest for staff reports at least to start with? Artist SD fans can submit what they think would be a good one for a column and the staff member that wrote the column gets to pick which one s/he (or it) likes. A better one comes along and it gets the throne.

Better yet, have us fans vote on which of the art submissions should be the one for that column. This could be an eternal vote thing. Artist SD fans submit their artwork for a column and as long as the artwork isn’t offensive, it gets put up for that column. Those of us who are interested in such things, vote on which one we like. The top vote-getter wins the spot next to the column here. However, if another of the drawings gains more favor later, they get the spot. The dethroning done automatic by some nifty little computer program. All that there needs to be is a link to these runner-ups and a little polling option there for them … naturally including the current throne-holder among them.

And what does the artist get? Fame and glory. Their name underneath their drawing. Hmmm. A link to their website might also be appropriate and appreciated as well. Possibly even the thin hope that when Cecil’s artist kicks the bucket, they’ll be seriously considered as the next artist for Cecil. Those with the most drawings submitted and highest popularity scores being at the top of that consideration list.

Oh, and perhaps it should be open to more than just drawings. Afterall, we don’t want to be accused of being a Tipper Gore and only sanction one art medium afterall. :wink:


I don’t know about the competition idea, nor do I know whether the work involved in making this happen would be too much to bother with. But illustrated Staff Reports would be nice.