How about automatically locking all race/intelligence threads.

Ok that might seem a bit drastic but the worst threads I’ve ever read on this board all pertain to racial differences in intellectual abilities. These threads bring out the worst posters, many of whom only seem to post in “blacks are stoopid and here’s SCIENCE to prove it” threads. Time and again, other posters have presented evidence to show what they say is a load of bull, but these threads keep coming and the usual suspects post in them. I know, I can just ignore the threads, but it seems sad to me that a board dedicated to fighting ignorance allows wilfully ignorant bigots free rein to start these threads and promote their dubious ideas. I suppose it’s better than letting them derail other threads with their crud, but they seem to do that anyway!

Discussions of pretty much any other topic seem to generate at least some useful debate and information but those threads are just terrible.

Very tempting, but it’s not going to happen. Declaring some topics off limits would kind of defeat the purpose of the board.

Maybe make the topics off limits to the usual racist suspects? These threads I suppose are entertainment for some but they’re so predictable and nobody’s opinion is ever changed one way or another.

If that were the criterion we could immediately lock all the “Does God exist?” threads. (Not that I’d be unhappy about that, personally.)

Who gets to play “god” here and decide? :slight_smile:

I propose that OscarGold’s thread:

Statistically, blacks score poorly on IQ and IQ-proxy exams than whites, is black genetics to blame?

was not a debate at all; it was a pitting. OscarGold’s only contribution was an OP that (more than) hinted at nagging racial hangups towards “da blacks.”

And that’s it, OscarGold is gone on vacation. So we got 1) A vague accusation towards blacks mental and social inferiority and 2) insistence of the genetic/innate root of this deficient…

At some point one must look a racist pitting in the eye and call it what it is.

Example, if I bring up a debate in GD claiming that so-n-so’s “mother is a whore” it’s purpose might not be to debate the accuracy of my claim, but simply to make the claim itself. IOW I’m simply calling your mother a “whore.” It behooves the mods to see this for what it is.

The mod squad maybe? Come up with a criterion, if > 80% of your posts are racist bullshit then you’re not welcome to talk matters racial?

Well said orcenio.

Too subjective a call. Define racist, define bullshit, define matters racial.

How about: don’t open those threads? I’m not interested in about 99% of the discussions on these fora, so I don’t open them.

It’s not that subjective a thing really. OPs that talk about scientific proof that one “race” is stupider than another shouldn’t be tolerated.

Well, what is subjective to one person might not be so to another. Wish we had an “objectivemeter” to solve the problem. Not likely to, not gonna happen.

In addition, the entertainment value to allowing these [del]loonies[/del] posters is beyond price. Just don’t read the thread if it causes problems.

The way i see it, being a racist is being a jerk and being a jerk is a rule breaker, so go nuts.

If it starts getting too troublesome and the mods don’t want to flat out forbid it, one solution is to perform a variation on what I’ve seen the mods do here with certain posters with a tendency to hijack threads for their pet subject. Designate a particular thread as the “Race Intelligence Debate” thread and require that posts on the subject only be made there, or send the post there if they are made elsewhere.

Why? I’m sure that if you took measurement of the races as far as height and weight, head size, etc, they wouldn’t all be precisely equal. Therefore they could be ranked. Why is it so hard to accept that genetic differences might manifest themselves in physical performance? Or intelligence?

It’s quite something that a members of a clearly left-leaning debate board would want to quash views that they are uncomfortable with. Why can’t this stuff be discussed? What are you so afraid of? Seriously.

And that’s supporting “the purpose of the board,” is it?

We have, indeed, admonished posters for interrupting all manner of other threads with claims of “racial” characteristics. We have also forbidden various posters from “one trick pony” behavior regarding initiating threads on various topics about which they appear to be a bit monomaniacal.

However, I have no intention of setting myself up as a Truth Squad, quashing discussions on topics of which I have a particular view or prohibiting participation by various posters because I disagree with their perspectives.

OMG I’m afraid of your equation that proves dem niggers are stupid. Except you don’t have any such proof of anything, because your concept of race, and that of every other board racist, is simplistic and flawed. And it doesn’t seem any amount of cited evidence that highlights your misconceptions (of which there’s a truckload) will persuade you, or your ilk, that your ideas are ill-founded, small-minded, bullshit.

How surprising! You ignored the content of my post and instead of trying to explain your position you use sarcasm in some transparent and lame attempt to seize some moral high ground. Results: massive fail.

I’m still wondering what you’re so afraid of. Or do you only like science when you think you’ll like what it reveals?

Oh, almost forgot. Are you aware that it is against board rules to call other posters racists? Or do you and your ilk not care that such ad hominems are not only out of bounds, but do nothing to actually argue your point? Please, share how you and your ilk think. I find it fascinating.

Out of curiosity, given that you believe that some races are superior to other races (on given traits), what makes you object to the label of “racist”?