How am I supposed to feel now?

Today I was talking on the phone with a person close to me, someone I love and respect(a blood relative) This person mentioned that they had been out with friends last night for drinks and had spent today feeling hungover. Okay, it’s their body, let them deal with it. But when I asked if this person had driven themselves home they sheepishly admitted they had. “But it was only a couple of blocks!”

What? The distance doesn’t matter! Thank God(literally ) that you didn’t kill yourself or someone else! I have always said I think that drunk driving, especially if someone injures another, should have severe penalties. Personally, if you kill someone while DUI, I think it should be a murder charge, not manslaughter or something like that.

And now someone I care about has admitted to driving DUI. IT’s more than a story in the paper about someone else, it’s about someone I know. How am I supposed to feel now about this person? Differently? It’s not the drinking, I drink myself. But the first time I ever got drunk(thefirst time I drank, for crying out loud) I called a cab. Should I forget about this? My relative is a wonderful person, smart, loyal, etc. What do I do now?

Was it the first time they did it? If so, let it slide and remind them how stupid it is to drink and drive. Everybody makes mistakes. Luckily, this one didn’t end in tragedy.

Why didnt they walk?

Ditto Nosferatu’s comment. More importantly, how does that person feel? I know the one time that I was in the car with an intoxicated driver (I was equally drunk), we were both so scared by the uneventful slow drive down deserted back roads that we’d never do it again, and haven’t.i

I don’t know if it was the first time they did it, my relative is generally a very sensible person. this is the first time I have heard them talk about having a hangover. And I didn’t ask them why they didn’t walk, but since it was late and probably dark that may be the reason. I may try to ask if the chance presents itself.

Why don’t you send them this link:

It’s a website for a local stop DWI function that supports a girl who is now permanently and horribly disabled due to a drunk driver that hit her as she was crossing the street.

Or you could link them to this:

That’s a first hand account of following a drunk driver who crashed inches away from a tree into a stone porch in someones yard.

Accidents happen, even close to home. There is no excuse whatsoever for driving drunk, and this person needs a wakeup call.