How angry would you be if Carol Vorderman asked you to add up two and two?

The sting in the tale, of course, is that you would promptly drop dead if you got the answer wrong.

Even after Googling her, I have no context for this question. Pray, elucidate.

How do you post threads?

Vorderman is the host of a British gameshow called Countdown. The OP may be referring to a Doctor Who episode where there was a Countdown parody which killed the contestants who got a wrong answer.

Then the OP should have picked a better example than adding 2+2, because it still wouldn’t cause me the least bit of anxiety.

That was Anne Robinson from Weakest Link not Vorderman.

Cake, please!


Portrayed (or caricatured) by a robot! Hilarious! I think it was actually Anne Robinson’s voice, but am not sure.

Sorry, your choice is “or death”.

Death cake

What do I win if I get the answer right?

I’m going to move this over to MPSIMS since the reference seems to be lost on all but the OP (making the topic just a little pointless).

Couldn’t we just pretend the thread got the answer wrong and kill it?


Not angry. Happy to be talking to her. She totally fucking rocks.

I’ll admit it’s been a couple of years since I watched that episode. There were parodies of several game shows. The main ones were The Weakest Link, Big Brother, and What Not to Wear. However there were also shorter references to Call My Bluff, Ground Force, Stars in Their Eyes, Wipeout, and Countdown.

That said, I have no idea if this is what the OP is talking about.

The answer is here.

And also the classic example of what Viz would call a “borderline boiler” (the head says “NO” but the nuts say “GO”)

Note that Vorderman hasn’t been on Countdown for years - it’s now the lovely Rachel Riley putting up the tiles and doing the sums.

If the regular version of Countdown is too tame for you, try watching 8 Out of Ten Cats Does Countdown with a bunch of comedians playing and presenting. Anarchic, rude and bizarre, but in a good way.