The Impossible Quiz

Geez, this is just insane on so many levels.

There is absolutely no way for anyone to ace this right off the bat, but no big deal. I only spent, what, maybe three, four hours today on this damn thing. But hey, I made it up to level 84. Wish I had a clue if I was anywhere near finished with the damn thing or not.

For the record, I thought #17, #19 and #76 were quite clever, and #40 was flat-out brilliant.

Well, shit. I can see how my evening’s going to be spent now.

This link has the answers.

There are 110 levels, but

don’t use up any of your “skips”. You will need them at the end.

Does anyone else like Hal a little bit less now? I’m not going to get anything else done all night.

I got sent this a couple of months ago, and it pretty much took a whole day of mounting frustration and rage until I finally finished it. I needed to look at the answer for one question, for the sake of my sanity.

I cant get past 59, I know what to do Im just not quick enough… bloody annoying!

Can’t get past #59 either - and there doesn’t seem to be any other way around it. Oh well.

A lot of them don’t make sense, but anyone know the reasoning behind “What follows Dec 2nd?” (I think it’s #11).

I used a different method for 40 than the one given in Struan’s link.

ETA re “December 2nd”, I guess “n” is the second letter after December. A lot of the others, I don’t understand.

I haven’t gone back to the game but isn’t it just “What follows Dec 2” and hence the answer is “n”?

No, December’s spelled out.

We’ve done this before on the boards. Somebody with more search-fu can find it I’m sure.

God Damnit This Is Driving Me Nuts

Is anyone else motivated by that music from Rocky?

I’m stuck on 15. Help?

I bombed on the very first question-the one about a “polo”. Since they weren’t kindly enough to specify if they (Wikipedia disambiguation page) mean the horse leg covering, the candy, the shirt, the car, or the sport, the hell with this.

How in the hell do you get past 59? And why the fuck do I care?

keep hitting your mouse button as fast as you can until your laser fires.

Now the one I’m stuck on is #66.

I got bored waiting for it to load…

I got to about #18 and decided that I just don’t care that much about getting to the end.

Ok, what comes after December 2? n

They meant the number of “holes” in the words “a polo”.

You don’t. Give up.

This game blows.

I agree. What kind of a question is “neigh whinny?” It’s obvious the doodle is a horse, but there’s no indication what kind of answer is sought.

Every question is like the last page of a murder mystery where the detective exposes the murderer by revealing all of the clues that the author was too timid to reveal to the reader.