42      42           424242
42      42         42     42
42      42                 42
42      42                  42
4242424242                   42
        42                  42
        42                42
        42              42
        42            42
        42          424242424242

You have no idea how hard this was. Space, preview. Space, preview. Space, space, space, enter, preview. Argh! Space, Space, Space, Space, Space, Space, preview.

and on and on.

Oh, well, it was worth it.

Have all your questions on life, the universe and everything been answered now that you spent all that effort?

What you get when you multiply six by nine!

I thought this thread was about famous Scottish Highland Regiments. Damn.

How many roads must a man (or mouse) walk down?

? do you mean 6x7?

Actually he forgot the “and subtract 12. :rolleyes:

Sorry Jman, but Wonko is right.

42 is the absolute best domino game there is.

A few pitchers of beer, some buddies to play the game, some music (preferably alt and classic country) and I’m set for the night. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent in the smokey old Dixie Chicken shakin’ bones and drinkin’ beer back in the college daze.

Ten years later and I still am happy doing the same thing, even with the same folks when we all can get together.

Any Dallas Dopers play? Damn I need a 42 fix.

Homebrew I opened this thread thinking it was about the game too. You don’t get more than four family members together without someone slapping down a set of bones. Unfortunately all my friends have the attention span of a three toed sloth doing a calculus problem, and don’t know how to play, god love the poor bastards.

Is this some sort of inside joke that I’m not clued into, or do you people honestly not know how to multiply?

Psst, Jman, it’s a reference to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The ulitmate answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42. But due a some programming errors, the machined created to come up with the question gets it wrong.

Ignore that last sentence, it contains way too many typos to live.

How many pounds does a curling stone weigh?
WhyADuck, I think the idea was that the question and answer are right, and therein lies the rub.

Hmmm. I always thought that because Arthur and Ford landed on pre-historic Earth, and thus interfered with time, that they fouled up the program that was running. Thus fouling up the question that was ultimately inside Arthur’s head.

Thank you, Why a Duck. I knew I was missing something.

Not in Base 13…

The only number retired by all of Major League Baseball. 42 was Jackie Robinson’s number.

[sub] Yes, I know some players are wearing 42 now. Anyone who was wearing it at the time that it was retired is allowed to wear it for the rest of their careers.[/sub]

Zev Steinhardt

Ya beat me to it, Zev.

Interesting that, at the time of Robinson’s entry into MLB, a number as high as 42 was a put-down. It denoted a minor-league caliber player.

Now, it is the most honored uniform number in professional sports.

42 is a damn fun game. this pinochle playin yankee was taught by a good ol tyler texas boy. wisht i could play me some 42…