How Are Baseball Records Accessed?

I was watching a baseball game on TV the other day and the announcer said that yesterday seven major league teams had had comeback wins after being behind by three or more runs. He said that that was the first time in major league history that so many teams had comeback from such a deficit on the same day. How in the world do they come up with facts like that? Granted that every major league game played in the last 100+ years is meticulously recorded, how do you search those records to come up with such an obscure fact?

Everything’s recorded in a gigantic database. So you’d just do a query that searches for comebacks involving 3+ runs, then query that for dates with 6 or more instances.

To be a bit more specific, has a number of game indexes that are searchable (though you need an account to access most of them). Here’s the gamelog finder. You can use it to find specific games with various criteria like "5 or more HRs hit, AND 3 or more Stolen Bases, AND at least 1 triple). Apparently, there were 4.