How are cartoons continued after the death of the artist?

Who continues to draw cartoons of dead artists? How is it decided who will continue to the cartoon?

In some cases the new artist has worked with the original cartoonist as an assistant or was already drawing the cartoon before the original artist died.

In the Mort Walker/Dik Browne dynasty the kids took over.

Other times, if a syndicate owns the characters, they just hire someone.

In the case of Charles Shulz, nobody took over. It’s just reruns.

Well, not just Rerun. They also have old strips with Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and all the rest of the characters. :slight_smile:

Jim Davis hasn’t been alone in doing Garfield for a long time now. When he dies, there is every expectation the last few daily newspapers will keep carrying new Garfield strips created by whoever is employed by Paws, Inc. at the time.

There is a novel by J. Robert Lennon, called “The Funnies” and it deals with this. His father put in his will when he died the son would take over the strip but the syndicator had other ideas. It’s an excellent book, though “Mailman” by him is better.

I noticed in “Family Circus” both the father and son seem to draw it but the characters do look different from time to time. I can only assume one day the father draws it and another time the son draws it.