How Are Dumpster Babies Discovered?

It seems like there have been a lot of stories about this in the news recently, where someone finds a baby or a fetus that someone else tossed in the trash. But who finds them and how do they do it?

I would think that if someone was going to kill their baby and stuff it in the trash, they would at least take the time to wrap it up in something so they wouldn’t get caught. Are the people that find them picking through the garbage?

Could it be that these stories are just the tip of the iceberg, and that for every one baby that’s found in the trash there are hundreds that are dumped but aren’t discovered?


I suppose that sometimes people hear the babies crying. Maybe the “parents” (quoteds because they really don’t deserve the name) are reluctant to actually kill the babies and hope somebody will find them.

I guess the main thing is, as I’m sure you agree, it’s good that somebody does find them.

I think in most of these cases, the babies are already dead. If they were still alive, and the mothers wanted them to be found, why not leave them on a doorstep? If they don’t want them to be found, why wouldn’t they just bury them somewhere- or at least wrap them up before throwing them away??

It seems like these women must WANT to be caught, for some reason.

I think it probably is just the tip of the iceburg. I shudder to think of the size of the iceburg.

I agree that the mothers, at least subconciously, want to be caught, or they would do a better job of concealment of their crimes.

What freaks me most is the idea of throwing the newborn in a dumpster, as opposed to a shallow grave, maybe on a vacant lot somewhere. The infant is regarded as garbage… no " I’m sorry, baby, but mommy just can’t take care of you"

But then again, it’s probably just a groteusqe symptom that human beings in general are being increasingly regarded as a disposable commodity…

It might be, too, that psychologically it’s hard to cover your child…even if you understand it’s dead, you can’t put it in a sealed plastic bag, or cover it in a shallow grave, because you can’t help but think of it suffocating.

That would only apply, of course, in cases where the baby was stillborn, and not killed by the mother.

And it’s obviously a WAG.

You are also assuming that there isn’t a whole lot of panic going on when the baby/ dead baby needs to be gotten rid of. My guess is there is big pressure to get rid of the body fast to minimize the hardship on the “mother”. So Zeke the hillbilly takes the aborted fetus/ dead bady out in his rusted out pick up and just throws it in the nearest dumpster he sees.

I used to wonder the same thing about murders and other criminals that stupidly leave evidence all over the place for the police to find. They are paniced and so freaked out about what they did they don’t think straight.