How are DVD release dates determined?

This question stems from a welcomed surprise: Having the Matrix Reloaded DVD released in Costa Rica on Oct. 5, rather than the 14th, which was asserted by as the official release date.

It got me puzzled that the US release date would lag behind other parts of the world, since normally movies are exhibited 1st in America and only a while later in more recondite places, such as where I live. :slight_smile:

So I guess my GQ would be: ¿What set of criteria is followed by studios when determining overseas and US DVD release dates?

As a follow up, anyone in the know willing to explain this in the context of Matrix Reloaded?

Ps. This has nothing to do with DVD regions. Mine is Region 1, rather than Zone 4, as should be the case for Central America.



The official US release date, not worldwide.

This has everything to do with regions. First off, a region 4 dvd would not be playable in region 1. Meaning its release is meaning less to the US market.
Also, different companies may own the rights to a movie in other regions. They would control when it is released, not the US company.


I know, but the one released here in CR is Region 1, which leads back to my question: Why would Region 1 DVDs have different release dates in different parts of the world? More specifically, why would the US release date not precede, rather than follow, that of other parts places, as one imagines should be the case judging by the behavior of theatrical exhibitions of films, which are initially released in the US? I suposse this may have something to do with the rationale ans strategies behind studio’s distribution channel management but…

…You may be on to something with this.