movie release dates (Asian vs US vs EU)

I was looking up some info on the new Jet Li, et al movie Hero. I noticed that the film as been out for a long time in Asia and some parts of Europe.

What’s the rationale for releasing a film over the course of a year? Are they reworking it for different nations? Or is the publicity tour doing the globe like a rock band?

I want my kung fu now!!! :smiley:

The answer is that Miramax just doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing. They buy movies in advance, find out they aren’t easily marketable, and then tinker around with them and push them back until everyone who really cares has the DVD. I’ve had mine since sometime last spring.

How is it? I seem them for sale, but is the subtitling in English available (and good)?

The Edko R3 I have is good. I think there are several versions, though… English subtitles are fine. Those on anything Miramax releases will likely be about the same.

This is my wife’s(from Asia) theory, DVD’s are released by region, (region 1 DVD’s wont play in region 2.etc.) to prevent people from viewing movies before they are released in theatres in each region. For example, movie comes out in theatres in the States first, the Europe, then Asia. By the time it is released in Asia, the US DVD is already slated for release, audiences could(in theory see it before it comes out in theatres) and studios loose revenue. I dont know, sounds kind of conspiratorial to me, can’t vouch for the veracity of that one(please don’t tell the missus :wink: